hh♡ 40°S Oak Exposed V♡dka
King Island Distillery

hh♡ 40°S Oak Exposed V♡dka

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hh♡ King Island Distillery 40°S Oak Rested V♡dka is the product creation of a unique formula, handcrafted with a centuries old traditional distillation method and the best natural ingredients; creating a strikingly smooth Artisan Vodka.

This eccentric King Island V♡dka is made with ♡ by hh♡.  Septuple distilled with the best premium Australian grape spirit, refined with crystal clear artesian King Island Cloud Juice Rainwater and custom coopered Tasmanian wooden oak cask.

https://bit.ly/3uSPddj Oak Exposed Vodka Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery Tasmania

A deliberately prepared 20 Litre Tasmanian barrel provides just one shot only to embrace its characteristics, colour and flavour to craft this singular 50 bottle small batch of Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery Oak Exposed V♡dka. Tasting notes are as noted on the label. 

hh♡ 40°S Oak Exposed V♡dka is a one-time King Island Spirit, and dare we say, unlike anything on the market amongst our fellow Tasmanian Vodkas.

Expose this hh♡ 40°S Oak Exposed V♡dka with friends; served at outside Winter Temperature, straight up.