Horse Race Picnic Luxury Local Package

Luxury King Island Local Produce Hamper. Handcrafted local craft spirits King Island Distillery gift pack, souvenirs and Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery guided spirits tasting

Total for 2 people:

$757.00 Total for 2 people


4h 40min


7 race meets

About this experience

King Island Luxury Races Picnic Pack Hamper - A fun filled Race Day, done right.

A Luxury King Island Local Produce Hamper, Handcrafted Local Craft Spirits and Special Souvenirs.

Race days are during December and January annually.

Luxury Local Picnic Horse Race Days Package:

📝 Description: Experience horse races with a twist—enjoy gin, crayfish, and more while cheering on the horses at the picnic style King Island Horse Races.

🕒 Duration: Approx 5 hours - Race Dates for 2023-24 listed below

📍 Location: King Island Racecourse

💰 Price: Local luxury hamper is priced at $757 total cost, designed to comfortably provide for 1 or 2 people.

- Includes race book and entry fee for two, King Island produce and products picnic, plus collectors item King Island keepsake a signed book (revealed on the day), and voucher for a guided craft spirits tasting expereince at King Island Distillery.

📅 Availability: December and January on race days

2023-2024 RACE DATES

  • Official Trial Day 18th November 2023 
  • Ladies Day - Saturday 2nd December 2023 
  • King Island Beef Day - Saturday 16th December 2023 
  • Boxing Day - Tuesday 26th December 2023
  • NEW YEARS EVE Cup Day - Sunday 31st December 2023
  • King Island Recreation Day - Saturday 13th January 2024
  • Maritime/ Miners Rest Cup Day - Saturday 20th January 2024 
  • Southern Airlines Fly In Day - Saturday 27th January 2024

🎯 Ideal For: Horse racing enthusiasts, outdoor lovers

✨ Inclusions ✨

- Entry to the Horse Race Day with race book

- Handcrafted King Island Distillery spirits and mixers gift pack

- Delectable crayfish, condiments, and cheese

- Signed copy of special locally written book

 🎉 Bonus: Guided spirits tasting next day distillery activity

🔥 Selling Points 🔥

- Immerse yourself in the elegance of King Island's horse race tradition

- Savour gourmet delights crafted to perfection

- Perfect for couples seeking a unique and exciting experience

- Support the local community with proceeds donated to the King Island Racing Club


Indulge in a luxurious day at the King Island Horse Races with our exclusive hamper. Enjoy an unforgettable experience that combines the thrill of the races with the finest offerings from King Island Distillery. Immerse yourself in the excitement of the event, taking in the picturesque picnic races where the surf meets the turf, indulging in local delicacies provided in a picnic packed for convenience.

King Island Distillery Luxury Races Picnic Pack Hamper Inclusions:

- Transport from the Main Street to the Races and Return

- Entry fee into the Horse Race Event on the day

- Luxury King Island Hamper delivery

- Welcome and introduction from Happy Heidi and greetings from the King Island Racing Club President onsite

- Selection of King Island Distillery spirits including Gin and Mixers Gift Pack

- Fresh cooked Crayfish and Crayzee Sauce

- King Island Cheese Selection and Condiments

- King Island Race Book and local Race Tips 

- King Island Distillery Guided Spirits Tasting Voucher

- Proceeds donated to the King Island Racing Club Inc.


- Arrive at the King Island Horse Race gates and receive the entry pass and luxury hamper package.

- Explore the racecourse, enjoy the races and soak in the atmosphere.

- First race runs at approximately 12.30pm every race meet.

- Indulge in a luxury picnic featuring King Island fresh cooked Crayfish, artisanal cheeses and condiments.

- A signed copy of a very special local souvenir to take home.

- Next day, King Island Distillery Guided Spirits Tasting


- The King Island luxury hamper is priced at $757 total cost and is designed to comfortably provide for 1 or 2 people.

- Includes all race entry fees, King Island Produce and Products, bonus book and next day distillery activity.

Special Occasion:

Experience the excitement of the King Island Horse Races in a unique and luxurious way. Perfect for couples, friends, or those looking to celebrate a special occasion and experience the local culture and fun. 


Booking Process:

To contact our reservations team email 

Advance booking is always recommended

For last minute inquiry, call Happy Heidi on 0488 CHEERS ( 0488 243377 )

Terms and Conditions:

- Price may be subject to change

- Age restriction: Participants must be 18 years, or older, to enjoy alcoholic beverages. Please drink responsibly.

A great way to celebrate the essence of King Island's horse race days with a touch of luxury and style. Experience an unforgettable day at the Picnic Horse Races in December and January with our meticulously curated Luxury Picnic Pack. Whether you're a racing enthusiast, or simply seeking an fun outdoor experience mingling with locals and supporting this event, this pack is designed to enhance your enjoyment of this cherished island tradition.

King Island boasts a friendly and safe community. Feel immersed in the local way of life inspired by the island's natural treasures, stunning landscapes, pristine beaches and a vibrant local culture. Explore the island's natural beauty, enjoy the happy Heidi spirit’s of King Island, local produce, where bets are on for an unforgettable race day.

Indulge in the excitement, King Island Distillery Luxury Picnic Pack Re-cap:

- Entry to the Picnic Horse Races: Immerse yourself in the thrill of the races as you witness the speed and grace of these magnificent creatures up close firsthand. Every event Gallopers and Harness Pacers race around one of Australias only grass racetracks over the course of eight races, from midday to late afternoon.

- King Island Distillery Artisan Spirits Gift Pack: Including our handcrafted Native gin among other KIng island Distillery beverages, crafted to encapsulate the local spirit of King Island.

- Fresh Crayfish Delicacy: Savour the island's bounty with a succulent portion of crayfish, a culinary delight that encapsulates the island's deep sea flavours.

- Delectable Condiments: Elevate your gastronomic journey with a selection of locally sourced and condiments, each designed to complement your culinary experience.

- Artisanal Cheese Selection: Indulge in a carefully chosen assortment of King Island cheeses, offering a symphony of flavours that pair harmoniously with the luxury pack items.

- Race Book and Tips: Immerse yourself in the race day excitement with a detailed race book, complete with insider tips to enhance your understanding of the races.

Exclusive Bonus:

- Signed Copy of a very special book: Immerse yourself in the island's heritage with a signed copy of a captivating book, chosen as a bonus to complement this local package. 

Supporting the Community:

As a distillery deeply rooted in King Island's culture, we're committed to giving back. A portion of the proceeds from each Luxury Picnic Pack will be donated to the King Island Racing Club, supporting the preservation of this cherished traditional 127 year old King Island event.

Limited Availability:

The King Island Distillery Luxury Picnic Pack is available exclusively during the Picnic Horse Races in December and January. Secure your slice of luxury today and experience horse race days as they were meant to be enjoyed – with sophistication, indulgence and lots of local characters celbrating the island's racing spirit.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable day at the races. Book your Luxury Picnic Package and elevate your horse race experience to new heights.

      ♡ hh♡ | happy heidi the heart of King Island spirits made with love

Heidi Weitjens - Founder | Artisan Distiller | Native - made on King Island 

King Island Distillery Pty Ltd Est. 2014

Call us to discuss alternative times.

Dial the Distiller on 0488 CHEERS = 0488 243377


   Group bookings can be accommodated.

All enquiries are welcome.

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🏰 Locally owned and operated King Island Distillery, where craftsmanship meets adventure. Established by Heidi Weitjens, we stand proudly as the 10th distillery to register in Tasmania, crafting premium artisanal spirits that capture the essence of our island sanctuary.

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🌟 Exceptional Quality: Our handcrafted spirits are meticulously distilled, each bottle telling a story of passion, dedication and a hands on labour of love made on King Island.

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### Guided Spirits Tasting

🥃 Embark on a journey through our signature spirits with an expert guide. Dive into the stories behind each blend, the distillation process, and King Island's rich culture.

### King Island Cocktail-o-Clock class in Currie

🍸 Immerse yourself in a hands-on cocktail-making class, where you'll craft unique cocktails with King Island ingredients, paired with local condiments. 

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