Luxury local hamper King Island Crayfish, Cocktails, Cheese & Condiments by the Sea

Savour the convenience of a curated hamper that encapsulates the flavours of King Island and local craft spirits that capture the spirit of the coast. Sip and savour as you soak in the sun and sea breeze. From succulent crayfish to delectable condiments and artisanal cheese, every element has been selected to complement your coastal experience.

Total for 2 people:

$1,200.00 Total for 2 people




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About this experience

Indulge in a luxurious experience of King Island's finest produce and handcrafted spirits with our King Island Distillery Luxury Hamper. Perfect for those seeking a taste of opulence and convenience, this hamper combines the best of King Island's culinary offerings with the excellence of our artisanal spirits.

🌟 King Island Distillery Cocktails, Crayfish, Condiments and Cheese by the Sea Luxury Local Hamper: 

📝 Description: Indulge in the ultimate luxury hamper experience, featuring King Island produce, handcrafted cocktails and gourmet delights that can be devoured by the sea.

📍 Location: Your preferred location by the sea, or looking at

💰 Price Range: $1200

👥 Group Size: Suitable for 1 to 2 people

🎯 Ideal For: Romantic getaways, special celebrations, gourmet enthusiasts

📋  Inclusions:

- King Island produce and gourmet delights

- Handcrafted cocktails and spirits from King Island Distillery

- Exclusive recipes to create King Island-inspired dishes

🎉 Bonus:

- King Island Distillery original recipes for King Island-inspired produce paired with local spirits


🔥 Selling Points:

- Experience luxury curated with local gourmet treats and cocktails

- Enjoy the convenience of a luxury hamper filled with King Island delights

- Perfect for romantic getaways, celebrations and indulgent moments

Indulge in the Ultimate King Island Collective Collaboration

🍹🦞🧀 Cocktails, Crayfish, Condiments and Cheese by the Sea🍹🦞🧀 

Indulge in the luxury of local lavishness to elevate your King Island time. Details:

Unveil a world of island culinary delights with our happy holiday hamper package, meticulously curated to immerse you in the vibrant flavours and sensations of King Island. Picture yourself basking in the serenity by the sea, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the island, as you embark on a local gastronomic journey.

A truly indulgent collection of local products and produce, that includes King Island Distillery spirits ready to create into cocktails, a fresh cooked local Southern rock lobster, Crayzee sauces infused with local spirits, locally made condiments and artisanal accompaniments, a selection of King Island cheeses, a unique King Island style whisky-arette and lemon-infused olive oil and other culinary treats. Enjoy a gourmet picnic outdoors, or indoors, suitable for one person, or share between two. Extra goodies that can be taken home are included too, all presented using environmentally friendly compostable utensils, glassware and plates. 

Crafted for Convenience to dive into this culinary treasure trove without the hassle of planning and sourcing. We've assembled the finest elements of King Island's bounty into a curated local package that awaits your indulgence. Your Happy Holiday picnic pack is designed for your utmost convenience, ensuring that your experience is both delightful and seamless.

Conveniently bookable in advance online through our King Island Distillery website. Planning prior to your visit adds the pleasure of anticipation and excitement looking forward to your happy King Island Holiday. 

This package offers a taste of King Island's finest, creating an unforgettable culinary adventure that can be enjoyed anywhere amidst the island's breathtaking beauty. 

We can deliver in the Currie area, or collect from King Island Distillery. When you visit our locally owned and operated distillery door we offer a guided handcrafted boutique batch spirits and liqueurs tasting experience, also available to book online well ahead of time. 

Unwind, savour and celebrate the joy of flavours at the heart of King Island's culinary tapestry Whether you're seeking a festive escape, a romantic getaway, or a journey of exploration, the harmonious collection of local Cocktails, Crayfish, Condiments, and Cheese by the Sea promises to enchant and fulfil your senses connecting to our island in a way that lingers long after the last sip and bite.

🍸 Local Craft Cocktails Sip on handcrafted cocktails that embody the essence of King Island. Happy Heidi has crafted her King Island Distillery spirits with locally inspired ingredients, creating a symphony of flavours that dance on your palate with every sip. From refreshing coastal coolers to bold island-inspired concoctions, each cocktail is designed to elevate your spirits and your smiles with extra pleasure in every measure.

🦞 Delish Crayfish Prepare to be captivated by the allure of Southern rock lobster, lovingly known locally as crayfish. Fresh, tasty, tender and a true taste of the sea, our crayfish has been selected to provide a pure culinary experience that will make your friends envious. Learn from locals, ( revealed in our Crayzee Cooking Demonstration class bookable experience, that shares the art of preparing crayfish in just seven minutes ), unlocking discoveries and skills that you can take with you.

🌶️ Saucy Secrets Elevate your culinary adventure with our renowned 'Crayzee sauces,' merged with the bold flavours of our King Island Distillery spirits. From tangy and tantalising to indulgently rich, these condiments are the perfect companions to your crayfish feast, adding a new twist that ignites your taste buds.

🧀 Champion Cheeses Immerse yourself in the celebration of King Island's champion cheeses, where local salt kissed milk and craftsmanship meets passion. Sample an array of artisanal cheeses that are famous worldwide. Let the textures and flavours of these cheeses transport you to the heart of the island's dairy heritage.

Choice Condiments 

Added indulgence with seasonally available local condiments chosen to enrich the taste adventure providing a diverse range of flavours and textures that elevate the overall enjoyment. 

Local 🍯 Honey 🍇Chutneys 🍅 Relishes 🫐Jams🍓Fruit Preserves 🍋 local lemon-infused 🫒Olive Oil 🌊🧂🍒 sea salt and peppercorns 🌿 Botanicals 🥗 Pickled Vegetables 


$1200 per local luxury hamper. Suitable single person, or a couple.


Secure your order ahead of time for a luxurious local hamper offered during the island’s sun-kissed months, from mid-November to the end of Easter. Outside of this timeframe, availability becomes subject to individual inquiries. 

Kindly be aware that due to the exquisite nature of our offerings, timely ordering is essential to avoid potential crayfish availability constraints. Additionally, the assortment of local produce and products can evolve with the seasons adding variation but we always endeavour to ensure the freshest and finest local offerings.  Visit bookings page to order.

🔒Book ahead to lock in your Happy Holiday Hamper 

Treat yourself to an unforgettable escape into King Island's culinary wonders.  Every moment is a chance to savour the extraordinary. Embrace a small remote community by supporting local artisans, fishermen and a vision that aims to create a sustainable, prosperous future for all.

Cheers to a voyage of taste, texture and tantalisation!  

Why Choose Us Our commitment to excellence, our passion for storytelling and our love for King Island are woven into every experience. Happy Heidi's immersive adventures and thoughtfully curated packages are designed to cater for connoisseurs seeking quality and excite explorers hungry for new tastes. 

Choose us for celebrations, for getaways and for those moments when you simply want to savour the finer and special things life has to offer. Our offerings are crafted as an invitation to discover, savour and share moments on a journey of new temptations. Your adventure awaits, and we can't wait to welcome and connect you to our fun, relaxed and friendly island life.
Booking Process:

To contact our reservations team email 

Advance booking is always recommended

For last minute inquiry, call Happy Heidi on 0488 CHEERS ( 0488 243377 )

Terms and Conditions:

- Price may be subject to change

- Age restriction: Participants must be 18 years, or older, to enjoy alcoholic beverages.

      ♡ hh♡ | happy heidi the heart of King Island spirits made with love

Heidi Weitjens - Founder | Artisan Distiller | Native - made on King Island 

King Island Distillery Pty Ltd Est. 2014

Call us to discuss alternative times.

Dial the Distiller on 0488 CHEERS = 0488 243377


   Group bookings can be accommodated.

All enquiries are welcome.

Click map to King Island Distillery for a GPS guide to visit distillery door, on Racecourse Road in Currie.

King Island Distillery Pty Ltd Est 2014

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*🍹 Let's Raise a Glass to more GINventures! 🍹

Enjoy the hh♡ local artisan spirits made of the island.


We are delighted to introduce you to the captivating world of King Island Distillery. From enchanting spirits to immersive experiences, we offer an array of offerings that promise to elevate your clients' journeys to new heights. Let's get started on an GINspiring adventure together!

# Elevate Your Clients' Experiences with King Island Distillery

## Unveiling Unforgettable Adventures and Authentic Tastes

## Happy Heidi’s Boutique Distillery - is a GINuine Treasure

🏰 Locally owned and operated King Island Distillery, where craftsmanship meets adventure. Established by Heidi Weitjens, we stand proudly as the 10th distillery to register in Tasmania, crafting premium artisanal spirits that capture the essence of our island sanctuary.

## Why Choose King Island Distillery?

🌟 Exceptional Quality: Our handcrafted spirits are meticulously distilled, each bottle telling a story of passion, dedication and a hands on labour of love made on King Island.

🌊 Authentic Experiences: Immerse your clients in the heart of gin-making with our curated distillery experiences. From Crayzee Cooking Classes to Guided Spirits Tastings, there's something for every palate.

🍹 Unique Flavours: Our signature gins, including King Island Native Gin and SinnaGIN, celebrate the island's bounty with locally sourced botanicals, creating distinctive and memorable tastes.

🌿 Sustainable Practices: We're committed to sustainability, ensuring that our operations respect the environment and support our local community.

## Our Distillery Experiences - Tailored Adventures Await:

### Guided Spirits Tasting

🥃 Embark on a journey through our signature spirits with an expert guide. Dive into the stories behind each blend, the distillation process, and King Island's rich culture.

### King Island Cocktail-o-Clock class in Currie

🍸 Immerse yourself in a hands-on cocktail-making class, where you'll craft unique cocktails infused with King Island ingredients, paired with local condiments. 

### Elevate Corporate Branding

🎁 Impress your clients with our bespoke gifting experiences. King Island Distillery spirits make for exceptional and memorable corporate gifts that stand out.

## Your Partnership with King Island Distillery

🤝 Collaborate with us for a WIN-WIN partnership. Expand your offerings with unique experiences that resonate with your clients' desires for authentic, meaningful journeys.

## Exclusive Copper Angel Club

👼 Join our loyalty program and access pre-release spirits, limited editions, and VIP deals. Become a part of our extended family and share in our GINspiration.

## Booking Information

Ready to embark on a journey of exceptional tastes and experiences? Contact us today to discuss our King Island Distillery offers packages created for your clients.


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We invite you to be a part of the King Island Distillery story. Together, let's create unforgettable memories for your clients.

Cheers to celebrating  many happy, healthy and fun days of travel together

Heidi Weitjens

Founder, Owner and Artisan Distiller

King Island Distillery P/L  Est. 2104


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