It is all about the love of spirits made with pure water King Island Tasmania

Heidi Weitjens

Proudly supporting Local, Heidi buys King Island Cloud Juice by the Bloolp and works with it on a daily basis.  This extraordinary water is used to make, cut and drink King Island Distillery Spirits.

King Island had some of the cleanest air in the world!  The droplets of pure rain are formed over a vast expanse of the unspoiled Indian Ocean.

With a desire to bring a breath of fresh air to the world of bottled waters, in 1997 Duncan McFie founded King Island Cloud Juice. 

Just for fun, in every bottle the number of drops from the clouds above our lovely Island ready to drink are counted and recorded on the label.

King Island Cloud Juice makes the finest ice cubes.  The perfect drop to bring out the best in a King Island Distillery Gin, Vodka, or Distiller Choice Single Malt Whisky.

Enjoy the experience of drinking a King Island Distillery Spirit, on King Island Cloud Juice ice made with love, only available at the Pub.

Cheers hh

Heidi Weitjens | King Island Distillery

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