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Hand-picked botanicals
King Island Gin

King Island Gin

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Native Gin - King Island's first gin handcrafted by a Native female, distilled with Native coastal ingredients, producing a fresh earthy enjoyable simple gin - pure King Island innovation

BUY A KING ISLAND GIN ONLINE TODAY and receive a 500ml Native Gin and  two perfectly paired mixers, by Capi, for free.

Explore the captivating allure of the first King Island gin, distilled by a local female using native coastal ingredients, showcasing the pure innovation that defines Happy Heidi’s and King Island’s spirits.

Indulge in the extraordinary taste of the Native Gin, a harmonious blend of carefully selected King Island Native beach botanicals sourced from our pristine island oasis. Distilled with love by Happy Heidi, our gin embodies the essence of the island's unique flora, resulting in a captivatingly smooth and vibrant spirit that transports you to the untamed beauty of the King Island spirit with every sip. 

Drawing GINspiration guided by mentor and friend Rex Burdon from Nonesuch Distillery, along with her lifelong connection to the island, Heidi's passion for crafting mindful, meaningful and meticulous spirits, shines through in every bottle of King Island gin.

The collection features a carefully handpicked array of King Island Native plants of which Heidi personally harvests by hand from the beach and Australian ingredients. The juniper, coriander, cardamom, and cassia bark, carefully blended together with local botanicals, create the chosen recipe for a classic dry, earthy, fresh gin, bottled at a perfect 40% alcohol strength.

Elevate your gin collection and savour the unparalleled quality and distinctive character of King Island Native Gin, an extraordinary libation handcrafted for discerning palates and unforgettable moments.

To fully experience the magic of our native gin with tonic, we use our own rainwater and large ice blocks, while CAPI's exceptional mixers, especially their dry tonic, beautifully enhance the flavours of our handcrafted spirit. Embracing Australian craftsmanship, CAPI, an Australian-owned company based in Victoria, offers a wide selection of high-quality tonic, soda and mixers to complement our gin.

Driven by her unwavering commitment, adaptability, and the use of custom-made stills, Heidi's King Island Distillery embodies a clear purpose and vision — to deliver artisanal, handcrafted spirits crafted with the finest local ingredients. Each spirit reflects Happy Heidi's personality, pride and dedication, fostering a collective love and admiration for King Island Distillery's creative and authentic offerings.

Encouraged by her mentor, Bill Lark, we submitted our King Island Distillery Native Gin to the Australian Gin Awards 2020, where we were thrilled to receive a silver medal award. This recognition further fuels our passion and excitement for sharing the flavours of our lovely island, its friendly and passionate people, and the outstanding quality of our products.

With every beverage handcrafted on-site in our humble distillery in the heart of Currie, King Island, Happy Heidi fills every bottle with an abundance of love. We believe that each time you open a bottle of our handcrafted spirits, it becomes an opportunity to share the stories of our island, our welcoming community and our quality products.

Located in the heart of King Island's main town, our distillery in Currie offers a unique guided spirits tasting experience and visitors can sample Happy Heidi's lovingly crafted spirits, including the first King Island spirit ever to be released the renowned King Island native gin.

We extend a warm welcome to all islanders and visitors, inviting them to explore our local distillery and experience the diverse range of spirits that Happy Heidi has passionately created for everyone to enjoy. 

Purchase directly from Happy Heidi at the King Island Distillery door, or order gin and other spirits online. We love the support from all our visitors and customers. Our focus is driven by a passion that is about keeping the personality in our production, packaging and right through to every delivery, to share the true spirit of King Island with all who seek exceptional handmade boutique batch spirits. We always ensure that our spirits and products safely reach every corner of Australia and invite you to always top up the range of artisan spirits from King island Distillery on your top shelf.

Artisan spirits distilled with love on King Island by Happy Heidi and pours her heart and soul into each handcrafted creation, capturing the spirit of King Island in every bottle

Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery est. 2014

Founder | Distiller | A King Island Native - made on King Island

Don't just take our word for it


A Gin that races across the tongue to a Juniper finish, which is smooth with a good alcohol balance.

Bill Lark

Award Winning Tasmanian Distiller

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