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King Island Distillery News

Banking Botanicals

Banking Botanicals

Making a difference to the King Island Coast with hh♡ regenerated native botanicals, with the help of King Island Distillery customers, support this project one plant at a time.
Bella Chella, Soda and Ice cream day

Bella Chella, Soda and Ice cream day

Bella Chella naturally works to compliment Soda and Ice cream day.  Held Nationally on the 20th June in the USA, so hence my GINspiration for a del...
Martini day

Martini day

World Martini Day is celebrated on the third Saturday of June.

It’s a Gintastic day to celebrate a GINcredible drink. 

This King Island Martini recipe is King Island Distillery Native Gin, or Ruby Grapefruit Spirit (Vodka), with a dash of Vermouth to make it a smooth cocktail.


Make your Martini Cocktail by;

30ml Ruby Grapefruit Spirit, or Native Gin + 10ml dry, or, sweet Vermouth

Stir for 30 seconds + Garnish with a lemon twist, or add one, or three olives.

Easy :-)

What's in Native Gin

What's in Native Gin

   Handpicking Native botanicals means hh♡ | happy heidi loves learning, GINdependantly, by study, smell and taste to recognise local resources suited to handcrafting the GINcredible spirits of King Island Distillery.

   Sustainability and our natural surrounds in what GINspires Heidi and is the focus of King Island Distillery Native GIN recipe.

   Meticulously made mindfully because of Heidi's ♡ for the island and distilling the heart and GINtastic spirit of King Island.

   Happy world GIN day ♡ hh♡

Whisky and food pairing event

Whisky and food pairing event

To celebrate Tasmanian Whisky Week 2022, Heidi Weitjens is excited to be invited as one of the four key whisky presenters at 'Monday Neat' whisky tasting night.  

A night of sharing good company and pairing fabulous food with great Tasmanian whisky.  The line up:

King Island Distillery

Adams Distillery

Launceston Distillery

Sullivans Cove Distillery

Each Distillery will be presenting a selection of whisky expressions throughout the evening, accompanied with food pairings. Hosted at Cinco Passiones Libation Lounge.