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Image description: Happy Heidi, the King Island Distiller and Deckhand, is standing in front of her barrel of King Island Gin being aged at sea on a Crayfish boat named Even Steven. She is posing with her thumb up.

Explore King Island's First Ocean-Aged Gin - A Salt-Kissed, GINspirational Journey by Happy Heidi King Island Distillery.

Embark on a tantalising journey with King Island Distillery exclusive gin aged at sea, crafted by the spirited distiller and crayfish deckhand, Happy Heidi.

Delve into the untold story of this golden elixir, matured at sea in a cask on the cray boat Even Steven as the distiller works onboard for Captain Thomas. Join us as we unveil the Crayzee (crazy), process behind this limited small batch of King Island Gin, capturing the pure wild bounty of King Island kissed by the sea in each bottle. Discover the taste of GINventure in every sip – a story waiting to be shared and savoured hand crafted to sip on and smile.

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Race time
King Island Distillery continues to be a proud sponsor of the King Island Racing Club. In the heart of the stunning King Island, a hidden boutique business lies the King Island Distillery. It is a proud sponsor of the King...
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How to make mulled wine? It's as simple as the recipe needs a quality Brandy, so you're in the right place with King Island Distillery.  When it comes to making mulled wine for Christmas, selecting the right brandy is King....
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Serving up King Island's first ever gin.    So, you've got your hands on some King Island Native Gin and you're ready to take your lunch game to the next level. But how do you serve this unique beverage in...
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Shop and smile
We have all you gifting covered with our King Island Distillery spirits and local products, produce, plus arts and crafts.  Shop with us today and we'll make the gifting and celebrations of Christmas extra easy and excellent.
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