Tasmanian Whisky

Aged 4 years on King Island
Distiller Choice Single Malt 20L Single Ex Tawny Cask Tasmania Heidi Weitjens
Golf and Whisky King Island offers both.  Cheers my friends.  Distiller Choice Single Malt Whisky King Island Distillery
King Island Whisky held in hand
Heidi Labels the first bottle of Distiller Choice Single Malt Whisky at King Island Distillery.
Distiller Choice Single Malt Single Ex Tawny 20L Cask Whisky Tasmania
Distiller Choice Single Malt Whisky Limited Edition Special Release Ex-Tawny Cask King Island Distillery Tasmania
Heidi makes rain water heart shaped ice blocks made with love to enjoy the Distiller Choice Single Malt Whisky King Island Distillery


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This is the whisky we all search for. Falling in love with this truly outstanding spirit, Heidi Weitjens labels it proudly as 'Distiller Choice' Tasmanian single malt whisky.

This is a full flavoured stunning whisky is a very special independent bottling release. Supply of this seriously sensational spirit is very limited and the only single cask release of its kind.

The maturation journey of this very special edition three year old whisky, in a rare PX charred 30 litre cask.

When the time is right and the spirit tastes ready, this boutique batch of Tasmanian single malt whisky is carefully decanted out of the barrel after about four years. 

Immediately, without any filtering at all, ten bottles are filled at the casks full strength.  This is not just a whisky, it's a phenomenal experience.  (Call happy Heidi directly to access this exclusive 64% cask strength whisky).

The share that the Angels leave for us, is softened from cask strength with King Island Cloud Juice, (the only bottled rain water company in Australia).

At a generous ABV each barrel is bottled to taste the best which we believe is above 50% depending on the individual ask.  All this takes place in King Island Distillery, the Distiller Choice of selected strength is to uphold the smooth, seductive sherry cask whisky at its very best.

Capturing the true fine spirited characteristics of exceptional Tasmanian whisky, it is our privilege to introduce this truly delightful dram. This wonderful whisky is the people's choice as their now all time favourite, as testified many times by tasters at the distillery door Currie, King Island and during the last few years at Tasmanian Whisky Week events.

Enjoy this Happy Heidi Distiller Choice whisky, while you can still buy it at King Island Distillery, especially because you deserve the best.

Every single one of our small barrel whisky is not filtered when we bottle. We are passionate about retaining the ultimate depth of character and the purity, and share the pleasure of whisky in its natural state as a true taste sensation. Artfully distilled for us by the multiple award winning Tasmanian single malt whisky specialists the Callington Mill team, made with the best Tasmanian malted barley and love.

Tasting Notes

King Island Distillery hh Distiller Choice Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky 500ml @52% ABV ( ABV variable to suit each single barrel release ).

Maturation notes

Four and a half year old whisky, matured in a 30 litre Pedro Ximenez sherry cask, known as PX. 


Deep burgundy whisky colour, 100% natural from over four years in the sherry cask.


The nose is an array of sensational, seductive, noticeably sweet and mouth-watering fragrances. Alluring aromatics of magnificent malt and exotic sherry fruits.


This whisky is just as enchanting on the tongue. A smooth creamy mouth feel from the PX sherry combination of sweet and subtle smokey toasted oak. Tastes of toffee and caramel in the background savour a long lasting finish, thanks to the skill of the Tasmanian Cooper to all of our whisky casks.


It’s not just a whisky, it's an exceptional experience. Richness of sherry with gentle layers of sweetness and caramelisation, arousing the taste buds wanting for more. The addition of a couple of drops of King Island Cloud juice rain water opens up the sherry notes and smoothness.

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