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King Island Distillery Brandy Crayzee Gift Pack

Happy Heidi, a dynamic distiller turned community advocate, spearheads King Island Distillery’s artisan spirits while fostering a deep connection with the local seafood industry.

Through innovative initiatives like the Crayzee Cooking Demonstrations and the King Island Distillery Crayzee Gift Pack, Heidi champions sustainability and community support.

By blending culinary artistry with a passion for local produce, Heidi invites all to join her in celebrating the richness of King Island’s culinary heritage and supporting the dedicated fishermen and distillers of the region.

Squizzy, a fellow seafood enthusiast known to Heidi through a crayfishing experience, embodies similar dedication to promoting locally sourced seafood and fostering community engagement. Meanwhile, Brendon ‘Squizzy’ Taylor’s journey from deckhand to proud boat owner shines a spotlight on Tasmania's premium rock lobsters, amplifying the region's culinary allure and tourism potential.

Southern Rock Lobster, affectionately known as ‘Cray,’ remains a delectable treasure from the sea, harvested skillfully by local fishermen. With a yearly commercial fishery yielding 1000 tonnes valued at $90 million, these lobsters symbolize Tasmania's rich cultural heritage and sustainable seafood practices.

The Tasmanian Smart Seafood Partnership further solidifies the industry’s commitment to responsible practices through collaborative efforts in education, training, and conservation, ensuring the preservation and prosperity of Tasmania’s seafood industry.

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Happy Heidi of King Island Distillery, Tasmania celebrates World Gin Day by crafting King Island gin cocktails. Cheers and thumbs up the unique flavours of King Island, Tasmania artisan spirits.

Hey there, GINthusiasts! Welcome to the King Island Distillery Gin Guide where we, at King Island Distillery, are here to share some GINspirational insights into the world of gin and answer a few frequently asked questions about our beloved King Island Gin. So, grab your glass and let's embark on a journey of great GIN.

Crafting King Island Gin: The Art of Patience and Precision

Ever wondered how much time and care go into creating King Island Gin? The Happy Heidi meticulous distillation process of King Island Gin doesn’t get rushed – slow and steady wins the race. Running through our handmade copper Angel pot stills at low temperatures is essential to coax out the vibrant flavours from a delightful array of botanicals.

Starting with King Island Cloud juice and alcohol, Heidi created a King Island gin recipe that took months to GINvent. The gin ingredients include King Island hand foraged native botanicals and the must have  juniper berries, coriander, citrus peels and a myriad of herbs and spices every time the journey of distilling King Island Gin beGINs. For some of our expressions, the path leads to ageing in oak barrels, residing out at sea on a King Island Cray boat that distillery happy Heidi is working as a deckhand, and the process allows the King Island gin to absorb the essence of the ocean, a salt-kissed technique that can take months, or even years.

After the distillation dance and finessing any additional processes, our King Island Gin is gently filtered to remove any floaty bits. Then comes the magical touch of cutting down the gin alcohol percentage with Cloud Juice – King Island rainwater – letting it harmonise before being lovingly bottled with a hand-applied handwritten copper label. Each sip is a testament to the 30 bottle  boutique batch craftsmanship and devotion poured into every drop of King Island Gin.

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Happy Heidi savouring single malt whisky from a whisky glass, embodying whisky appreciation and enjoyment. In her King Island Distillery sharing the art of how to best enjoy and appreciate whisky

Explore single malt whisky appreciation the Happy Heidi way at King Island Distillery. Experience the warmth and magic of crafted memories through the layers of fine barrel aged Tasmanian whisky. From the ideal glassware selection and serving rituals to whisky storage tips and the art of enjoying it neat, or on the rocks,

Happy Heidi's guide invites you to celebrate each moment with a dram of excellence. Embrace the joy of savouring life's special moments and elevate your whisky journey with King Island Distillery.

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King Island Distillery single malt whisky on the rocks. Cheers to the moment!
Join us as we celebrate the art of crafting exceptional single malt whisky at King Island Distillery on World Whisky Day. Nestled amidst the Roaring Forties Ocean, our remote island distillery invites whisky aficionados to partake in a journey of unparalleled quality and flavour.

From seasoned connoisseurs to aspiring enthusiasts, our commitment to excellence shines in every drop of our signature spirit. Discover the essence of our island home in each cask, where rugged beauty and pristine terroir meet meticulous distillation and aging processes, resulting in whiskies that capture the soul of King Island.

As we honour the pioneers of whisky-making and celebrate tradition with a touch of innovation, Happy Heidi pays homage to mentors like Lyn and Bill Lark, instrumental in Tasmania's whisky renaissance.

Raise your glass with us and savour the magic of King Island single malt whisky, a tribute to craftsmanship, camaraderie, and the joy of shared moments in the world of whisky. Dive into our whisky world at King Island Distillery, where exclusive releases and GINcredible stories await.

Here's to World Whisky Day and the spirits that unite us in celebration. Cheers my friends.
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Mark Hawley and Heidi Weitjens at King Island Distillery: Mark Hawley holds a bottle of Golf Links Whisky next to Heidi Weitjens, showcasing their collaboration.

Step into the heart of King Island Distillery as Mark Hawley, alongside Heidi Weitjens, unveils 'The Links Whisky'. Witness the fusion of golf and spirits in a celebration of resilience and community spirit. Explore the spirit of King Island in every sip of this special whisky dram, embodying unity and strength.


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