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A magnificent and memorable meet the Maker event, in Launceston. 

   Six tables of attentive artisan spirits appreciators, fabulous food and wonderful whisky at the beautiful Bluestone bar and kitchen.   
   Distilleries greeted, poured and talked their way around the room.  All applauded at the end of an excellent evening.  An event organised by Kate of Tasmanian whisky and spirits association, for Tasmanian whisky week 2022. 
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Cinco Passiones is now a King Island Distillery spirits stockist, thank you and cheers ♡ hh♡. 'Monday Neat' whisky tasting night in the intimate setting of Cinco Passiones, was most interesting.  
   A night of sharing stories, tasting platters and terrific Tasmanian whisky. Four Distilleries guided through their story and a selection of their spirits. 
   Lori the local Cooper, who brought his tools of the trade, demonstrated how he makes the best barrels for Tasmanian spirits.  
   Katie Wade from the Tasmanian Whisky Experience, brilliantly organised and co hosts the evening.
   Ask Drew Burn to host more events like this in his whisky and cigar lounge, Cinco Passiones, Level 2/47A Brisbane St, Launceston, Tasmania.
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King Island Distillery has launched a better website and a documentary on our YouTube Channel. Check them out and let us know what you think.     

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Congratulations to everyone! King Island is the State and National Keep Australia Beautiful overall winner. I've always been so proud of everyone on King Island and forever grateful it is such a great place. A childhood wish, has come true and then some. Wow so, so happy and this is to recognise and give sincere thanks to everyone, including past generations, for making our island as amazing as it is, always! ♡ hh♡
#tidytowns #sustainablecommunities #keepaustraliabeautiful
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World Nature Conservation Day is a focus on. Saving plants and animals under the threat of extinction is one of the main goals of World Nature Conservation Day. Also, this day emphasises keeping the various components of nature intact such as flora, fauna, energy resources, soil, water, and our fresh air.
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