King Island Distillery News


Visit the 100% locally owned and operated distillery door located in the heart of the main township, 7 Main Street, Currie King Island. Meet the maker and hear the untold story first had while enjoying a spirits tasting flight, cocktails and mixed drinks. 

   In 2014, a Natives dream came to life to distil the King Island spirit to taste and embrace the pure pleasure poured into every bottle, (60 bottles per batch), made with love on King Island.

   Still today, facing the ever increasing competition, remains one of the rarest and most boutique distillery in the world.

   This business is fully owned and operated by Heidi Weitjens a local female (made on King Island), crafting a smile with every sip distilling her very own artisan range of; King Island single malt whisky, King Island Native gin and signature range of spirits and liqueur’s.

   We are GINourmously honoured to share our story to GINspire and captivate your senses. We implore Australians to remain with us on this extraordinary adventure. Embrace the enchantment of King Island Distillery and become a part of our story. Your support, your trust and your belief in us holds immeasurable value.

   We extend our heartfelt gratitude to so many for their GINflippintastic support that continues to strengthen our way forward to an even more GINtastic future.

   With our hunger to learn more each day, we will become a brighter beacon of excellence, drawing in more people to partake in the artistry, the passion and the warmth that defines our distillery and lights up peoples spirits.

   Together, let us embark on a journey of discovery, where connections, community and businesses grow stronger, palates are delighted and more GINventerous memories are made.  ♡hh♡ x

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🍸🌿 King Island Distillery Virtual Gin Tasting Experience! 🌿🍸    We are so humbled to proudly present King Island's first craft spirits to over 150 Travel Specialists and Agents around the Country. Let the good times beGIN with King Island Distillery virtual...
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📖 Your GINventures await! 📖 Happy Heidi personally invites you join in the fun with us and become a family member of our King Island Distillery called the Copper Angel Club – where every sip is a story and every bottle holds the...
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We have access to a delicious range of King Island Dairy cheeses and King Island Distillery craft spirits to work with, for palate pleasing pairing experiences. Creating harmonious pairings between cheeses and spirits can enhance the overall tasting experience. Here are...
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