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Spend your hard earned GINcome and treat yourself with a GINcredible Native Gin and celebrate world GIN day. Best shared with GINtastic friends. Many happy and healthy cheers to everyone ♡ hh♡  THE INSPIRING STORY OF HEIDI’S DISTILLERY is about a...
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Rex magazine by Truly Aus writes a story about; The next great thing King Island Whisky made with love by happy Heidi at Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery. Flying to King Island on a daily basis is Rex airlines and here is...
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'Compostable Cup to Community' a recipe about making a positive impact on King Island, starting from one cupful at a time. Planting seeds in compostable cups, grow into vegetables to share with our King Island Community, a project managed by...
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HAPPY HEIDI THE FOUNDER OF KING ISLAND DISTILLERY is driven to learn more each day about crafting exceptional spirits with a commitment to sustainability. 

Heidi Weitjens distillery GINdependently operated with her local loving attitude, is located at 40°S Latitude; it is one of the few worldwide to be fully owned and operated by a female creating GINcredible products and experiences. 

Using copper stills custom made in Hobart and locally handpicked beachside botanicals, Heidi meticulously distills the first King Island Gin and signature spirit called Native Gin. 

The support from customers and industry peers has been a constant source of GINspiration for Heidi and her King Island Distillery's commitment to excellence. 

Visit the distillery, meet the maker Heidi Weitjens the sole director of King Island Distillery Pty Ltd since 2014 and taste the pure artisan spirits of King Island all crafted with love, attitude, and local ingredients. 

Every process is done by hand to ensure the highest quality and to keep the purity, passion and personal touch in all of Happy Heidi products. 

Cheers to good health, happiness and the evolving GINstastic journey of King Island Distillery as shown on Fox Sports TV.  Thank you !!!!

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The Lark's Bill and Lyn pioneered the spirits industry making it legal to distill 31 years ago.  Still going strong today and some of the most well known and loved living industry legends in the world.  We can all thank...
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