Mark Hawley and Heidi Weitjens at King Island Distillery: Mark Hawley holds a bottle of Golf Links Whisky next to Heidi Weitjens, showcasing their collaboration.

Discover the Spirit of King Island: A Unique Blend of Golf and Whisky

The Links Whisky King Island Distillery and Golf Journey special release sitting on a golf links green
Situated amidst the roaring forties of Bass Strait, King Island is not just a picturesque haven but a place renowned for its resilience and close-knit community. Recently, this community spirit has been further ignited through collaborations with local and visiting organisations, particularly with Golf Journeys and our very own King Island Distillery.
Since 2022, Golf Journeys has become an integral part of our island community, immersing themselves in our way of life and showcasing our lush landscapes to golf enthusiasts worldwide. Their appreciation for our local flavours, including offerings from King Island Cheese and the prestigious King Island Distillery, has forged a deep connection.
In a show of support amidst challenges such as drought, Golf Journeys initiated fundraising efforts to aid those in need within our community, further solidifying their bond with us. Additionally, Happy Heidi from King Island Distillery organised an event on International Women's Day to raise additional funds, highlighting the unity and strength of our community.
A group of women who attended International Womens Day event held on King Island
With the introduction of 'The Links Whisky', a special blend symbolising our island's resilience, Golf Journeys and King Island Distillery embark on a new chapter. Each bottle of this unique whisky carries the essence of King Island, spreading warmth and spirit worldwide.
More than just a drink, 'The Links Whisky' represents our collective spirit - a fusion of the literal and metaphorical essence of King Island. Through this partnership, we share not only the flavours of our land but also our story of unity and strength, ensuring that the spirit of King Island resonates globally.
A group of Golfers on your with Golf Journey standing on the course of Cape Wickham Golf Links
Golf Journeys continues its support by bringing golf tours to King Island, contributing significantly to our local economy and community bonds. This unwavering partnership promises a future where the King Island spirit thrives, one bottle at a time.

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