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Image description: Happy Heidi, the King Island Distiller and Deckhand, is standing in front of her barrel of King Island Gin being aged at sea on a Crayfish boat named Even Steven. She is posing with her thumb up.

The King Island Gin Distillery has a very special release. King Island Native Gin aged in a barrel on a King Island Crayfish Boat.  Happy Heidi is the distiller and also works as a deck hand on the boat as she ages her King Island gin in a barrel thats tied to the Captains chair.

Image description: Heidi, the King Island gin distiller, is aging on the boat where she works as the deckhand. She is holding up a crayfish on the boat.

Gin Salt Kissed with The King Island Seas - The Untold Story of King Island's First Distilled Gin and also Ocean-Aged King Island Gin

This is our very special voyage creating a GINtastic story of King Island Native Gin - a GINspirational spirit in a barrel that is the pure essence of adventure, salt kissed by the sea and embraces by the warmth of the Captain’s chair. Crafted by the hands of a spirited distiller and deckhand, Happy Heidi, in her boutique King Island Distillery located near the heart of the main township, Currie, this King Island gin is not just a drink but a journey. Aged on the Even Steven cray boat under the watchful eye of Captain Shane Thomas, this golden gin captures the soul of King Island and the hearts of those who sip it.


The Birth of a King Island Maritime Marvel - In the heart of King Island, where the roaring forties waves meet rugged shores, lies the genesis of an extraordinary gin. Local distiller Happy Heidi, with a passion as vast as the ocean, envisioned a gin that transcends traditional ageing methods. Working the deck, starting each day at stupid o’clock in the morning, Happy Heidi's connection to the sea GINvented the birth of King Island Native Gin aged aboard the boat Even Steven, this gin is cradled by the very waves that shape the island's spirit.


A Golden Elixir Aged At Sea That Laps The Shoreline Of King Island - What makes this gin a treasure is its GINventerous ageing process. Unlike any other, this King Island Gin spends its maturation period aboard the Even Steven, a cray boat that not only harvests the island's much loved crayfish, but also nurtures this rare spirit. The rocking of the boat, as it navigates the waters around King Island to catch a living, imparts a smoothness and a beautiful golden hue to the King Island gin from the ex fortified Shiraz cask.


The Limited Barrel Aged at Sea King Island Gin Batch That Captures Hearts - In its exclusivity, this aged at sea King Island Native Gin becomes even more special. With only 60 bottles available, each at a perfect 45% ABV, this gin is a collector's dream and a GINthusiast's delight. Each sip reveals a hint of fortified Shiraz and the intricate flavours bestowed by heavily charred casks, crafted by Tasmanian cooper legend, Adam Bone. It's a symphony of taste, encapsulated in a bottle, ready to tell its tale.


A GINtastic Toast to Tradition and GINovation - Happy Heidi's journey from distillery to deckhand, and the creation of the first King Island Gin distilled by Heidi Weitjens a Native with hand foraged King Island botanicals aged at sea, is a testament to the spirit of innovation rooted in tradition. This gin is not just a product of King Island; it's a narrative of its people, its seas, providence, passion and the GINspiring pursuit of crafting something truly unforgettable. It's a story in each sip, a memory in each bottle, waiting to be shared.


King Island Native Gin Is More Than A Spirit, It's A Wild Sea Creation - A journey of discovery for those who seek not just the taste of gin, but the essence of an island’s Native bounty in a bottle. With its rich history, unique ageing process and limited availability, this golden gin promises not just a drink, but an experience. As you savour each sip, you don't just taste gin; you taste the adventure, the passion and the legacy of King Island. Embrace the essence of the sea and let King Island Native Gin be your guide to the beGINing of a world of unparalleled flavour.


Don’t miss the chance to be part of this limited GINdependant King Island Gin Release - Embrace the taste of our crayzee aged at Sea golden King Island Gin and let your palate explore the story of the seas. Visit our distillery, or buy online from our website shop to secure your bottle of this maritime marvel before the tide turns and the story steams away.

Quoting our friend and mentor Bill Lark - from a Brand Tasmania media release of 2 September 2015 - Two 20 L barrels of Lark whisky that have travelled 172,887km – equivalent to four times around the world – during 403 crossings between Tasmania and Victoria on the Spirit of Tasmania ferries were opened and tasted on 26 August 2015 and delighted the Godfather of Tasmanian whisky, Bill Lark. "This whisky has developed a richness in flavour," he told the media ”because it’s been moving, not keeping still, it’s picked up on the delicious port characters inside the wood … and it’s got a delightful little back note of that salty maritime atmosphere."



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Gin Distillery
Gin Distillery
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