Race time

Race time

King Island Distillery continues to be a proud sponsor of the King Island Racing Club.

In the heart of the stunning King Island, a hidden boutique business lies the King Island Distillery. It is a proud sponsor of the King Island Racing Club, supporting the island's racing community.  The distillery offers a King Island horse race picnic, a luxury local package of products and spirits.

   As a 100% locally-owned and operated business, Heidi Weitjens, aka Happy Heidi takes pride in every boutique batch of King Island spirits with just 60 bottles per distillation. 

   This micro distillery with a big heart born in 2014, now has grown to be known for a broad range of palate pleasing made of King Island spirits like gin right through to King Island single malt whisky. 

   Also creating a selection of lovely island liqueurs plus ready to shake, pour and order more cocktails.

King Island Distillery spirits are a labour of love bottling the essence and flavours of the island's rich natural resources. 

   Heidi Weitjens, the founder, ongoing commitment to quality is evident in her small-scale production process, ensuring attention to detail at every step. 

   From hand harvesting fresh Native ingredients to hand bottling and hand applying handwritten labels, every aspect exudes craftsmanship and passion.

The distillery offers a variety of craft spirits that have gained recognition both locally and Nationally. 

   Among standout creations this Distillery is the first to commercially distil gin ( and King Island single malt whisky ). 

   The process begins at sunrise strolling the bare Beach's to handpick botanicals like Native saltbush and succulents.

   Heidi was taught traditional distillation methods, so this gin delivers a juniper-forward fresh, salty, earthy flavour profile that represents the island's natural bounty. With every sip, you can almost taste the island's wild landscapes and pristine waters.

Beyond this local female distiller’s dedication to her craft, Heidi Weitjens of King Island Distillery also values community spirit by being a proud sponsor of the King Island Racing Club. 

   The King Island Racing Club organises gallop and harness pacer horse racing events that draw both locals and visitors alike. 

   As a sponsor, the distillery actively supports the club's mission of promoting 7 community focused events annually in December and January, creating a great day out to create memorable experiences for local and visiting race-goers.

Through their sponsorship, King Island Distillery helps the King Island Racing Club in maintaining their facilities, improving infrastructure and running successful race days. 

   This collaboration enhances the island's sense of community and strengthens the bond between this local business and the hard working local volunteers that keep the event running.

King Island Distillery stands as a beacon of quality spirits and community engagement on King Island. With Heidi's commitment to crafting artisan spirits to sip and smile and their sponsorship of the King Island Racing Club, they showcase the island's skill, beauty, and passion for local sports.

   Heidi Weitjens and her King Island Distillery's dedication to her craft as a female distiller, owner and a Native so proud of her island community, is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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