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Frequently Asked Questions about King Island


Welcome to King Island, a haven where tranquillity meets adventure just 45 minutes away from Victoria or Tasmania. Escape the hustle and bustle for a slower pace and embrace the spirit of King Island, surrounded by lush flora, fauna, birdlife and three stunning golf courses. Whether it's a short getaway, or a longer stay, you'll find yourself falling in love with the island's charm, characters, scenery, beaches, food and booze.


Experience a hassle-free holiday with a quick flight to our island paradise. No passport required, no currency exchange, just pure relaxation starting with a friendly welcome attitude at 40°S Latitude. Explore smiling faces and exciting adventures that'll make you wish your stay was longer.


King Island is a place of beauty and warmth, hosting prestigious events like the National Keep Australia Beautiful awards. Our island welcomes visitors with open arms, offering unique experiences and connections that leave a lasting impression.


Where is King Island located, and how far is it from Tasmania or the mainland of Australia? King Island is situated approximately 80 km off the north-west tip of the Tasmanian mainland, nestled between the northern coast of Victoria and Tasmania.

How do I get to King Island? Easily accessible by air, regular flights are available from Melbourne airports and Tasmania. Book in advance to secure your flights.

How long should I stay on King Island? Stay a week or more to fully savour the island's offerings, from pristine beaches to luxurious accommodations.

What is the weather like on King Island, and when is the best time to visit? Enjoy a mild maritime climate year-round, perfect for exploration and relaxation.

What internet, wifi and phone reception is on King Island? Telstra is the sole provider of mobile phone reception, and limited Wi-Fi is available at specific locations.  Embrace the freedom of the island's peacefulness and be challenged to truly engage with the natural surrounds disconnected from the digital.

Where can I stay on King Island and what kind of accommodation is there? Choose from a variety of accommodations including hotels, bed and breakfasts, cottages, and coastal hideaways. Currie, Naracoopa, Grassy, and South Coast areas are popular spots.

Do I need to a hire car on King Island? Yes, as there's no public transport. King Island Car Rental offers options for self-exploration, or consider a plan to pre-hire a driver for a guided tour.

Where can I find places to eat on King Island? Explore Currie's restaurants, clubs, and pubs. Don't miss the unique experience at the Restaurant With No Food in Currie Harbour.

What activities can I enjoy on King Island? Experience King Island Distillery tours, indulge in crayfish cooking and cocktail classes, and explore beautiful walking trails. Enjoy world-renowned golf courses, surfing, and every Friday the CWA local produce market.

What are the must-visit attractions on King Island? Explore Cape Wickham Lighthouse, Pennys Lagoon, and the King Island Dairy cheese shop. Discover shipwrecks along the Maritime Trail.

How many people live on King Island? The 2022 estimated population is 1,677.

Are there any biosecurity restrictions on King Island? Yes. Protect the island's unique environment by adhering to Tasmanian biosecurity regulations.

Can I rent equipment like camping gear, surfboards, or bikes on King Island? No. Equipment rental services aren't known to be available on the island.

What are the popular events on King Island? Experience the King Island Show Day, Imperial 20 Marathon, horse races, golf tournaments, yacht races, and various art exhibitions and music festival.

Is there public transport, taxi, or Uber on King Island? No. Car hire, or guided tours only.

Can I bring my car to King Island? Yes, but allow a week turnaround by boat from Tasmania, or Melbourne.

Are there any restrictions for driving on the island? Be cautious on unsealed roads and watch out for wildlife.

Can I bring my pet to King Island?

Bringing your vaccinated dog, or sterilised vaccinated cat to King Island is possible, but ensure to check biosecurity laws and airline requirements.

Are there many snakes on King Island?

King Island houses three snake species copperheads and Tiger Snakes, and six lizard species, including the Blue Tongue Lizard.

When is the crayfish season on King Island?

Southern Rock Lobster (Crayfish) availability varies due to seasons and weather. Order well in advance before your visit, then you’ll know for sure.

How many dairy farms are there on King Island?

Around 7,000 dairy cows thrive on the island's lush salty grass, producing rich milk sourced from a handful of local farms.

What about the wallabies on King Island?

King Island boasts a large wallaby population, with Bennett's Wallaby and Rufous Wallaby being common.

Are there foxes on King Island?

No, there are no foxes, wombats, or rabbits on King Island.

Are there platypus on King Island?

Yes, platypus inhabit the island's rivers, mainly south of the island.

Are there sharks in the waters around King Island?

While shark encounters are possible, no known attacks have been reported.

Is there a hospital on King Island?

Yes, there is a hospital just South of the Currie CBD. Plus there's a pharmacy on the main street.

Where can I find Wi-Fi and internet access on King Island?

Free Wi-Fi is available at Currie library and the Currie post office. Some eateries offer Wi-Fi, and KIRDO provides internet access.

What are the popular activities for tourists on King Island?

Tourists enjoy golfing, surfing, hiking, exploring shipwrecks, local produce, and spirits tasting and breathtaking scenery.

Can I fish or dive on King Island and do I need a permit?

Recreational fishing and diving is allowed, but adhere to licensing needs, catch limits and species preservation guidelines.

How can I explore the island's shipwrecks?

Drive around the island following the King Island Maritime Trail, featuring shipwreck sites and lighthouses.

What are some popular dining options on King Island?

Delight in island produce at King Island Bakery, Oleada, King Island Hotel, King Island Club, and the iconic boathouse.

What other activities can I do besides surfing if there are no waves?

Self explore and enjoy fishing, hiking, exploring historical sites, and support local businesses like the King Island Distillery for a guided spirits tasting and the island's art and culture.

Are there any Yoga classes on King Island?

Jacqui and Shimon offer over 60 years of combined experience in Yoga, providing holistic well-being sessions.

Should I get travel insurance when visiting King Island?

Highly recommended, especially for adventurous activities like surfing.

Are there any restrictions when driving a rental car on King Island?

Rental cars are not allowed off-road, or on beaches.

Are there any guided tours available on King Island?

Yes, guided tours offer insights into history, culture and natural beauty.

Can I buy local products and souvenirs on King Island?

Yes, local products and souvenirs are available at various shops, including King Island Distillery.

Are there accommodations with ocean views on King Island?

Many accommodations offer stunning ocean views.

Can I explore the island by push bike?

Cycling is not recommended due to narrow roads.

Is camping allowed on King Island beaches?

Camping on beaches is generally not permitted.

Are there any restrictions on collecting seashells and rocks on the beaches, or the island?

Recommend to avoid collecting to preserve the environment.

What are the options for transportation around the island?

Pre Plan vehicle transportation based on your needs, including guided tours.

How many cows are on King Island?

Around 100,000 cattle, mainly Black Angus and Hereford breeds..

Are there any lighthouses open to the public for visits?

Enquire about the Currie Lighthouse with King Island Walks.

Can I go horseback riding on King Island?

Horseback riding experiences are currently not available.

What should I pack for a trip to King Island?

Pack comfortable clothing, sturdy footwear, a hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, swimwear, and specific items you need.

Are there any art galleries, or craft studios on the island?

Explore local art galleries and studios showcasing King Island's talents.

Are Printmaking Workshops for everyone?

Discover printmaking through Sandy Robinson's workshops at Reekara Top Shop, benefiting local causes and artists.

How can I learn about the island's history and heritage?

Visit the King Island Historical Society Museum to explore the island's history, heritage, and shipwreck connections.

Is King Island better than Flinders Island?

Both King Island and Flinders Island have unique attractions. King Island is known for dairy, golf, coastline, and artisanal offerings, while Flinders Island offers rugged landscapes and outdoor activities.

What medical facilities are available on King Island?

Essential healthcare is provided by Ochre Health Clinic at the hospital in Currie. Emergencies are directed to King Island Hospital and Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Are there any pet-friendly accommodations on King Island?

Yes, some accommodations are pet-friendly; confirm policies and make arrangements ahead.

Can I visit King Island on a day trip from Tasmania or Melbourne?

Yes, day trips by air are possible; consider limited exploration time. Private plane, jet, and helicopter charters are trending.

How big is King Island?

King Island spans around 1,091 square kilometres with a captivating 164 km coastline.

What is the average weather like?

King Island experiences temperate maritime weather. Summers are mild (18-20℃), winters cool (11-13℃), with around 900 mm annual rainfall.

Can I book wildlife spotting and bird watching tours?

Guided tours for wildlife and bird spotting may be available; inquire ahead.

What time do the Penguins come in at Grassy breakwater?

Fairy Penguins come ashore after sunset; timing and now many of them varies with local conditions.

Are there any restrictions on drone usage on King Island?

Follow local regulations for drone usage to protect privacy and safety.

Can I participate in fishing charters on King Island?

Fishing charters are rare; inquire in advance. Beach and jetty fishing are options.

Is King Island suitable for family vacations?

Yes, King Island offers safe and family-friendly activities.

Is there a school on King Island?

Yes, a primary, high school and college options are available.

How is the island council organised?

King Island Council, led by a mayor and nine councillors, governs local services and initiatives.

Are emergency services available on King Island?

Yes, police, volunteer firefighters, ambulance officers, and SES personnel provide emergency services.

Is there a police station on King Island?

Yes, there is a police station on Meech Street; law enforcement is active.

Where is the nearest supermarket?

Two supermarkets are in Currie Foodworks and IGA.

When is the cheese shop open?

Visit King Island Dairy for cheese and wine; open times vary.

When is the distillery open?

Experience King Island Distillery's craft spirits; open hours listed.

When is the museum open?

Uncover history at King Island Museum during specified hours.

What is there to see at the museum?

Explore shipwreck relics, pioneering artefacts, and historical tales at King Island Museum.

What is King Island Kelp Craft?

Discover unique handcrafted art pieces made from Bull Kelp at King Island Kelp Craft.

What are the islands up North called?

Christmas Island is the nearest one to King Island, followed by New Years Island; uninhabited with wildlife.

What is the Real Estate like on King Island?

Not much available.

Is there much Real Estate available on King Island?

King Island offers limited real estate options in a serene environment.

Are there any local Real Estate Agents?

Local agents like Mandy Potter at Harcourts can assist. Off-island agents like Elders can provide insights too.

What are the King Island Property Types?

Options range from beachfront homes to rural farms, with some properties sold without listing.

How much is King Island property and land value?

Values vary based on location, size, and features, having risen in the past decade.

Is the King Island Property Purchase Process complicated?

Similar to Australia, it involves negotiations, legal steps, and inspections. A local solicitor can help.

Ensure amenities like water, electricity, and cost of living meet your needs. The island offers a serene lifestyle but has limited commercial facilities and entertainment options.

Should I Visit King Island Before Buying?

Visiting offers firsthand insights into lifestyle and property options. Explore areas and community vibes.  Thorough research is crucial. Understand property values, trends, and real estate landscape. Take time, gather info, and seek advice for informed decisions.

How to get to King Island?

Fly from Victoria or Tasmania to King Island via airlines like Sharp Airlines, Regional Express (REX), and King Island Airlines.

Contact Airlines:

Sharp Airlines

  From Essendon and Tasmanian airports

  Phone: 1300 55 66 94

Regional Express (REX)

  From Tullamarine and Tasmanian airports

  Phone: 13 17 13

King Island Airlines

  From Moorabbin Airport

  Phone: 03 9580 3777

Must-Do Activities for a Memorable Visit to King Island

Three-Day Visit Highlights:

Day 1: Explore the Landscapes

Visit Cape Wickham Lighthouse for stunning coastal views.

Stroll along Disappointment and Martha Lavinia Beaches.

Relax at Penny's Lagoon with a Happy Heidi's hamper.

Day 2: Taste and Discover

Sample cheeses at King Island Dairy.

Enjoy a tasting tour at King Island Distillery.

Explore the local art museum.

Day 3: Outdoor Adventures

Watch sunrise at Grassy Harbour.

Experience Copperhead Coastal Nature Walk.

Discover Calcified Forest's limestone wonder.

Week-Long Visit Experiences:

Days 1-2: Coastal and Cultural Exploration

Follow King Island Maritime Trail.

Explore shipwreck sites and learn maritime history.

Attend local art exhibitions.

Days 3-4: Nature and Adventure

Take a wildlife spotting tour.

Play golf at Cape Wickham Golf Links.

Hike around Currie Harbour's landscapes.

Days 5-6: Food and Beverage Delights

Join Crayzee seafood cooking class.

Indulge in local produce.

Enjoy beachcombing and relaxation.

Day 7: Relaxation and Reflection

Relax by the sea.

Reflect during a scenic drive.

End with a farewell dinner.


King Island Holiday - Things to do

  • Dinners must be pre booked ( suggest to make all dinner reservations once flights and hire car are confirmed )
  • Crayfish and Crayfish pies must be pre ordered ( book asap to eat in a restaurant, or self cater, or take back on the plane )
  • Only Telstra network mobile phones have signal on King Island (buy a sim card, before you arrive, if you need your mobile)

    King Island Map this map may not be the latest version available. (It takes about 30 minutes to drive West - Currie to the East side of King Island - Naracoopa, or Grassy).


    King Island Information and business contacts


    Weekly ‘What is on and open’ King Island tourism guide 


    Happy Heidi has drafted up some additional activity ideas. Places that might be of interest and listed as suggestions only as there are plenty more.....

    King Island Dairy - Cheese tasting and sales - 7 minutes North of Currie Airport

    Ocean Dunes Golf Links Clubhouse - Call in for a drink, hire a cart to have a look, or to play golf - 5 minutes South from Currie Airport

    King Island Distillery - Craft spirits tasting and sales - 7 minutes South from Currie Airport

    Currie - The Main Town

    Cultural Art Centre

    Currie Wharf

    Boathouse self cater bring your own food and drink restaurant

    Bell Hill Lookout facing west overlooking Currie Harbour via Huxley street

    Drive around kelp track from the Museum 

    Museum and Cape Wickham Lighthouse lens open Sat & Sun 2pm - 4pm

    Kelp visitors centre open weekdays



    Pennys Lagoon

    Martha Lavina Beach

    Disappointment Bay

    Cape Wickham Lighthouse (Tallest in Australia)

    Bare beaches

    Quarantine Bay (20 min walk, best done at low tide, to visible shipwreck boiler of the Shannon)

    Yellow Rock River

    Porky's Beach

    Visit Reekara Community complex the works of 40 local artists and crafts for sale Sun. & Tue.s 9.30 - 2.30pm



    Cataraqui Monument

    Seal Rocks boardwalk

    Calcified Forest (15 minute trek each way)




    King Island Brewhouse 

    Yarra Creek Road

    City of Melbourne Bay Yarra Creek Gorge

    Millwood Road


    Blow Hole (Blows at high tide and Easterly Swell)

    Fraser Road

    Wind Farm on South Road

    Have a happy King Island Holiday - Best wishes - ♡ hh♡ Happy Heidi Weitjens - King Island Distillery - call 0488 CHEERS 

    Note: Verify information from local sources and websites for accurate details when planning your King Island visit.

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