A King Island gin with local apples and cinnamon .... Wins a bronze gin award.SinnaGIN-first-bottle-sold-to-justin-because-he-loves-heidis-king-islsnd-gin

Customer falls in love with King Island Gin distilled and handcrafted in the local distillery by happy Heidi called SinnaGIN. At the distillery door Justin from Sydney buys the first bottle for sale, of the first batch. He had to have it, because he's absolutely in love with the taste of this gin.

The Medal Winners have been listed for the Australian Gin Awards and King Island Distillery SinnaGIN won a bronze medal.


A King Island gin with local apples and cinnamon ....

   The Australian Gin Distillers Association has two main activities. Firstly to co-ordinate and manage the Australian Gin Awards coupled with the Australian Gin Marketing Competition and secondly to plan, coordinate and manage large-scale public events featuring members’ products.




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