40° South King Island Distillery Tasmania

40° South King Island Distillery Tasmania

Spirits made on King Island by Heidi who was also made on this Island, is the proud 100% Local Sole Trader and Artisan Distiller of her Company King Island Distillery, established in 2014 . 

Located on the 40th parallel south is a circle of latitude ( also aligns with our friendly King Island attitude ;-)) that is 40 ° degrees south of the Earth's equatorial plane, are the Northernmost available in Tasmania. 

King Island Distillery is operating on a daily basis near the Racecourse in Currie, everything is done manually by hand and in house.  This is also where Heidi handcrafts Native Gin and Ruby Vodka and the latest edition is King Island Distillery 40 ° South Vodka.  Keeping the King Island connection via our location, in top end Tasmania.

Proudly King Island Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery

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