A friend gave me some great advice

A friend gave me some great advice

A friend gave me some great advice, “A key factor for handcrafting the best Spirits; is to distill in Copper Stills.  We know just the right person to see, here’s a map how to find him” offered Bill Lark, the 'Godfather' of our Industry.

Peter Bailley is our man, a naturally gifted Engineer with a passion for the Manufacturing and Distilling Industry. 

Gifting decades of knowledge and experience Peter asks me “What Stills would you like us to make for you?”.  I was hopeful the Copper Stills could be manufactured on my desired design of Angel wings outline. 

Angels are everywhere in our Industry, I’ll share more about this in upcoming news.

There is a long waiting list for Copper Stills to be built, especially since Peter and his Team are the best in the business.  I watched with excitement over the months as two hand made custom Copper Stills were crafted from the ground up. 

I am extremely grateful for dedication and devotion into the production of these Copper Stills, it guarantees quality Spirits all the way up the line.   

These Stills are specifically built to infuse intimate flavours to tickle, tease and please the seekers of quality boutique spirits.   Capturing the  tastes of our King Island Spirit in a bottle, distilled on King Island by hh .

Heidi Weitjens | Distiller | King Island Distillery

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