Accreditation excitement


We are happy King Island Distillery is officially  accredited as a Tasmanian Quality Assured business. This is achieved by meeting the requirements and assessment of an Australian Quality Tourism Framework.

This Nationally recognised business accreditation status is another way to verify to our customers and to the wider industry, that King Island Distillery is committed to providing a high quality product, service and experience.

The Australian Tourism Industry Council (ATIC) has developed the national Quality Tourism Framework to provide businesses throughout Australia with a single pathway for business development, incorporating online training, quality assurance, product development, digital distribution and market development.
The Quality Tourism Brandmark (QTB) identifies those businesses that have successfully completed the minimum standards that underpin the Quality Tourism Framework (QTF).
Coming up next is, Review Pro.  We hope you support us giving it a go.  Our customers are our lifeline for which we are always truly grateful. 
Your reviews are what motivates us get up early to work on delivering more pleasure in every measure of our artisan King Island Distillery spirits, because we love sharing with you to sip, savour and smile.

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