Heidi with a customer holding native succulent in abolone shell

Embracing native sustainability by planting regenerated native plants of King Island, Tasmania. Grown at King Island Distillery by native lady Heidi Weitjens the founder and sole operator.

hh♡ | Happy Heidi made with love native plant project, is a concept that can be planted around the world, keeping the coastline strong.

The key ingredients in King Island's first Gin spirit distilled by Heidi, handcrafted to showcase coastal botanicals. They taste great and these coastal native's serve a mighty purpose on our King Island Landscape.

For every bottle of King Island Distillery Native Gin sold, Heidi will contribute another native plant to our environment, with the purpose of securing shifting sand dunes, on King Island.

Making a difference: to the King Island beaches with hh♡ regenerated native's, with the help of King Island Distillery customers, supporting this 'save the sand dunes with hh♡ native plants project'.

How?: local pink Pigface regenerated by Heidi, are put into Abalone shells found washed up on the beach, so no handling is needed when planting them.

Engaging our visitors: this lovely lady in the photo a customer of King Island Distillery, was extremely excited and supportive of this hh♡ project and connecting with where the local distiller collects the local native ingredients for King Island Gin.  

So what?: coastal erosion can be slowed by planting more native succulents and saltbush securing the sand naturally against the wind whipping it away.

How it works: giving back to nature. Position the hh♡ native plant, keeping it in the abalone shell, above high tide on a sand dune and anchor with rocks from the beach.

What to do: record GPS position, take a happy snap (photo) and Heidi will check the progress of their health and growth and share the recorded updates.

In King Island distillery, we continue to practice implementing our plans for sustainability and giving back to our community for the future generations.

GINspiring people to plant natives, connect with our island and make a difference.....

   We can all help, and stay stronger together.

Stay GINtastic my friends ♡ hh♡

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