Cheese & Spirits: Expert Pairings


We have access to a delicious range of King Island Dairy cheeses and King Island Distillery craft spirits to work with, for palate pleasing pairing experiences.

Creating harmonious pairings between cheeses and spirits can enhance the overall tasting experience.

Here are some suggestions for pairing specific local cheeses with the King Island Distillery spirits.

Lighthouse Blue Brie 
This creamy blue cheese with a subtle touch of blue pairs well with the King Island Distillery Peer-less Point spirit. The whisky, sherry, oak and vanilla notes of the cask aged vodka can complement the richness of the cheese. Additionally, the slight drizzle of honey can enhance the pairing, creating a balance of sweet and savoury flavors.

Endeavour Blue
The bold and complex flavours of the Endeavour Blue cheese can be beautifully complemented by the King Island Distiller Choice Whisky. The smoky and earthy tones of the whisky can enhance the depth of the blue cheese's taste. Serving it with sourdough bread, figs, and truffle honey, as well as antipasto, can further elevate the experience.

Bass Strait Blue
The savoury Bass Strait Blue cheese pairs well with the King Island Distillery Brandy. The brandy's rich and fruity notes can balance the saltiness of the blue cheese. Enjoying this pairing with brown pears, apples, grapes, pecan nuts, wholemeal biscuits, or crusty baguette can create a delightful combination of flavors and textures.

Remember, the goal of pairing is to create a harmonious balance where neither the cheese nor the spirit overwhelms the other, allowing their unique characteristics to shine. Additionally, offering some palate-cleansing elements like water, crackers, or neutral bites (such as slices of apple or plain bread) between tastings can help refresh the palate.

We encourage you to explore and find your own favourite combinations and share your ideas and photos with us here at King Island Distillery.


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