Message on a bottle


Personalisation of a King Island Distillery artisan spirit, is a perfect choice to celebrate .

Embrace the spirit of the gift of giving and King Island Distillery works with our clients to create a message on a bottle to suit every theme.

We are here for your convenience and take the stress out of shopping. With us you will be gifting a keepsake that is worth buying.

For any occasion Heidi handcrafts a trusted brand of spirit made with love giving that something extra special that people appreciate.

Between King Island Distillery and our clients, the attention to detail create a very special custom gift works a treat.

Explore our range of spirits and we can put aside all the variety of spirits you choose, ready to apply your personalisation on each bottle.

It's not just any bottle, it is the hh♡ spirit of King Island, made in a boutique craft distillery with a rare brand of signature spirits. 

Distilled by Native lady, a solopreneur with a personality that is naturally passionate about our island and sustainability. The happy Heidi made with love spirit of King Island capped in every bottle, to be shared, enjoyed and always send a smile your way.

Step One:-

   Contact us to start planning, before we start counting down the sleeps until Christmas.....


   Choose type of spirits


   Allocate quantity required to keep stock in aside for your needs


   Create the personalised message and logo or photo


   Confirm and settle the invoice


   Labels should now be printed and hand applied by Heidi at King Island Distillery


   We ship pallet orders to be delivered safely all over the Country.

Happy to discuss your ideas about what works best for you, the occassion and recipients. Email Heidi, or dial the local distiller.

Phone 0488 243377 an easy number to remember 0488 CHEERS

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