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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) along with their answers related to Heidi Weitjens, King Island Distillery, products and distilled spirits, guided spirits tasting and King Island information, plus activities and experiences.

If you at any time you have a question we can answer your email inquiry sent to heidi@kingislanddistillery.com 

or call Happy Heidi on King Island mobile 0488 243377 ( 0488 243377 )

Who started King Island Distillery?

Heidi Weitjens is the founder, owner, manager and artisan distiller of King Island Distillery. With a passion for handcrafting small batch spirits, Heidi is known for her passion and dedication to preserving traditional distillation techniques while embracing innovation and the pure essences of the spirit of King Island.

What is King Island Distillery known for?

King Island Distillery brand is known for consistently producing quality artisan spirits, including gin, vodka, signature spirits, brandy, whisky and liqueurs plus shake and serve cocktails. Spirits are distilled and handcrafted using locally sourced, handpicked, premium ingredients and traditional distillation methods result in extraordinary and unique flavour profiles.  

What products does King Island Distillery offer?

King Island Distillery offers a diverse range of premium craft spirits, including:

  • Whisky: Aged in 30L casks
  • Gin: Artisanal gins distilled with fresh botanicals, with a focus on juniper-forward profiles.
  • Vodka: Smooth and pure, perfect for sipping, or as a base for cocktails and ideal gift sets.

Can I purchase King Island Distillery's spirits online?

Yes, King Island Distillery's spirits are available for purchase shop online through the official website. Customers can conveniently browse and order their favourite spirits from the comfort of their homes.

The boutique batch spirits and latest releases you’ve discovered at the distillery door, but not listed for sale online, can be ordered directly from Heidi and posted from King Island Distillery.

For purchases, we accept eftpos and process most major credit cards at the distillery and events.  

Does King Island Distillery offer a distillery tour and spirits tastings?

Yes, King Island Distillery offers guided spirits tastings at their distillery and other venues. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about the craft of distillation, witness the production process and sample a selection of Happy Heidi’s spirits.

How can I book a spirits tasting at King Island Distillery?

To book a spirits tasting at King Island Distillery, simply visit the website and find ‘bookings’ in the menu and check for available tour dates and times. You can then conveniently instantly lock in your spot online, or contact Happy Heidi directly for an appointment time, by email, or mobile phone call.

What can I expect during a spirits tasting and tour at King Island Distillery?

During the spirits tasting and tour, you'll be guided through the distillery, learning about the history of King Island Distillery and the distillation process. You'll have the opportunity to sample a variety of the craft spirits made on King Island and the distiller Happy Heidi may share insights into their flavour profiles, unique characteristics and tasting notes.  More details about each King Island Distillery experience are provided live on our website, in the booking section, from the King Island Distillery door, to the Currie Harbour and beyond.

Are there any age restrictions for participating in spirits tastings at King Island Distillery?

Yes, participants in spirits tastings at King Island Distillery must be of legal drinking age, which is 18 years of age.

Does King Island Distillery offer membership, or a loyalty program?

Yes, King Island Distillery offers an exclusive membership program called the Copper Angel Club. Members enjoy access to limited-edition releases, special events and unique privileges such as hand signed bottles as gifts, or keepsakes with numbers 18 and 21 being the most popular.

How can I join the Copper Angel Club?

To join the Copper Angel Club, visit the King Island Distillery website and navigate down to the membership section. There, you can enter your email to activate the registration process. We always respect your privacy and never share contact details.

Does King Island Distillery ship Internationally?

Yes, we have on occasion sent King Island Distillery distilled small batch spirits via Australia Post to International customers. However, shipping availability, cost and regulations may vary depending on the destination country. Be sure to check the shipping details and restrictions before emailing heidi@kingislanddistillery.com to request an International order for any of our range of King Island Distillery handcrafted spirits and liqueurs.

Are King Island Distillery's craft spirits available in retail stores?

King Island Distillery's craft spirits are available in select local retail stores and liquor outlets. However, availability can vary by location. It is recommended to check the King Island Distillery blog on the website for a list of stockists. Contact the distillery directly to inquire about wholesale rates and minimum purchase amount.

Is King Island Distillery involved in sustainable and eco-friendly practices?

Yes, King Island Distillery is committed to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility. They use any available locally-sourced suitable ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, repurpose items needed for the distillery operation, from pallets through to filing cabinets and strive to minimise the carbon footprint.  Ask us about our native plant, compostable packaging and community garden projects.

Can I book private events, or group tours at King Island Distillery?

Yes, King Island Distillery may offer private events and group tours for special occasions or corporate gatherings. For inquiries about private bookings and group tours, contact Happy Heidi at the distillery directly, to discuss arrangements and availability by email, or phone call.

Where is King Island Distillery located?

King Island Distillery is located on King Island, which is part of Tasmania, Australia. The distillery's address is 1 Racecourse Road, Currie - which is close to the airport and more contact information can be found on our contact us website page and google.

For the most up-to-date information and answers to specific queries, it is recommended to contact Happy Heidi directly, or refer to King Island Distillery official website blog and social media.

The Story started with GINspiration from the natural beauty and abundant quality resources of King Island’s bounty its brand of premium quality is renowned for. Heidi set out in 2013 to research and develop her own distillery to distil and handcraft premium spirits that reflect the island's unique terroir.

About King Island Distillery 

King Island Distillery is a boutique distillery located on King Island, Tasmania, Australia. It offers a range of premium craft spirits, including whisky, gin, vodka, signature spirits, liqueurs and shake and serve cocktails. The distillery prides itself on using many locally-sourced, high-quality ingredients and traditional distillation techniques to create spirits with distinctive flavour profiles.

King Island craft Spirits Range

King Island distillery prides itself on using many locally-sourced, high-quality ingredients and traditional distillation techniques to create spirits with distinctive flavour profiles. Heidi distills a range of spirits from King Island Gin through to King Island Single Malt Whisky.

King Island Liqueurs Range

King Island Distillery also offers a selection of premium liqueurs, each carefully crafted to deliver delightful and unique flavours.

Link to Download Tasting Notes

For detailed information on the tasting notes of each spirit and liqueur, please visit the King Island Distillery's official website to view details.

Garnish Range

King Island Distillery offers a variety of garnishes to complement Heidi’s spirits, allowing you to elevate your enjoyment adding extra pleasure to every measure from citrus through to chocolate. 

Where can I buy King Island Souvenirs?

Visitors can purchase a range of souvenirs, including branded merchandise and specialty locally handmade items to commemorate their visit to the distillery.

Can I Experience Guided Spirits Tasting at Distillery Door?

Experience a guided spirits tasting at the King Island Distillery's door, where Happy Heidi will lead you through a delightful journey of flavours and aromas.

Are there any Cultural or Cocktails Classes?

Participate in culture and cocktails classes to learn about the rich history of King Island and how to craft exquisite cocktails using the distillery's premium spirits.

Can I request a Virtual Off-Island King Island Distillery tasting?

For those unable to visit the distillery in person, King Island Distillery offers virtual tasting experiences to enjoy our locally made spirits from anywhere in Australia.

Where is King Island gin made?

King Island gin made at Heidi's Distillery is the first King Island Gin. Meet the maker of King Island Gin, in Tasmania, Australia. The distillery's address and GPS location can be found on their official website.

Why King Island Distillery Started

The distillery started with Heidi Weitjens passion for crafting premium spirits that showcase the natural beauty and resources of King Island.

Watch the Untold Story on youtube 

To learn more about the untold story of King Island Distillery, visit the distillery's website and youtube channel for captivating behind the scenes insights of hand picking botanicals through to bottling.  Starting with distilling King Island Gin.

When Is The Distillery Open

The local distillery's open hours can be found on the website, or by contacting them directly.  Winter open hours for King Island distillery door are by appointment and every Wednesday and Sunday from 1pm - 4pm during the off Season.

How Many People in a Group Can Visit King Island Distillery?

The capacity for group visits may vary, and it's best to check with the distillery for group booking details.  Maximum 20 people.  Other venues may be an option to accommodate larger group bookings.

Can I Get a Spirits Tasting at My Accommodation on King Island?

Yes, we can deliver guided spirits tasting in other local venues.  The availability of in-accommodation spirits tasting experiences may depend on your location on King Island. Please inquire with Heidi and contact the distillery for further information.

Is Heidi Weitjens Available as a Speaker, or Presenter on King Island, in Tasmania, or Australia?

Heidi Weitjens is available for speaking engagements or presentations on topics related to distillation, crafting premium spirits, and her King Island Distillery. Please contact Heidi for inquiries.

Are There Any Recipes to Pair Locally Made Spirits with Local Produce?

Discover ideas on our website that pair King Island Distillery spirits with locally-sourced produce to enhance your culinary experience.

King Island Cocktails Classic Classes

Join the club of classic classes to be introduced to the fun of crafting cocktails using King Island Distillery spirits.

Are there any Customised and Catered Classes to Suit Specific King Island Visitor Interests?

Customised classes can be tailored to suit the interests and preferences of King Island visitors. Please contact Heidi the owner at King Island Distillery to discuss options.

Distillery Tour options?

Participate in a tour of the distillery to witness the process mostly done by hand, learn about the history and see the craft of spirit making firsthand.

How Can I Get More Information About Visiting King Island and What To Do?

For more information about visiting King Island and discovering local attractions, activities, and accommodations, answers are provided on the King Island distillery website. Or travel agents registered with Tourism Australia, such as Tasmanian Vacations and golf trip booking specialists.

King Island and Tasmanian Events Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery Is Attending

Stay updated on the distillery's upcoming events announced in the distillery newsletter sent to the Copper Angel club members and by checking their official website blog and following King Island Distillery Instagram and Facebook to see photos and details of distillery events.

Fearless Festival Devonport August 2023

Tasmania Whisky Week Devonport, Burnie and Hobart August 2023

Gin Festival Hobart September 2023

Australian Women's Distilling Association Event Hobart October 2023

Dram with the Distillers November 2023

60th Anniversary of Reekara. Getting into the spirit of old stomping ground November 2023

Spirits with Santa up the Street King Island December 2023

In the spirit of horsin’ around King Island Races December 2023 and January 2024

Music to my ears Festival of King Island February 2024

Imperial 20 King Island Marathon March 2024

King Island Show March 2024

List of King Island Distillery Top Reviews

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Type in King Island Distillery to find us on various social media platforms to stay connected with us and receive updates.  We always appreciate your reviews too.

Who Owns King Island Distillery?

King Island Distillery Pty Ltd is 100% owned by Director Heidi Weitjens, local founder, manager and distiller.

Where Is King Island Distillery?

King Island Distillery is located in the main town of Currie the heart of  King Island, Tasmania, Australia. Next to the Racecourses,  and in very close proximity to Ocean Dunes Golf Links, the airport and King Island Dairy.

Is There a King Island Gin?

Yes, King Island Distillery makes artisanal gin, traditionally distilled by a Native with fresh local handpicked Native beach botanicals, naturally.

How Long Ago Did King Island Distillery Start?

King Island Distillery Pty Ltd formed in 2014 by Heidi Weitjens.

How Can I Buy King Island Distillery Products?

Drop in to the distillery door to buy King Island Distillery's locally made King Island products.  We also sell our spirits online and from local outlets.

Who Is the Distiller?

The only distiller of King Island Distillery is Heidi Weitjens.

What Do They Distil?

King Island Distillery a range of distilled spirits including gin, vodka, whisky and signature spirits.

Is King Island Distillery Distilling Their Own Whisky?

Yes, King Island Distillery produces its own whisky.  Heidi Weitjens is making her own whisky starting from her own barley mash, through to the distillation to be aged in casks, skillfully Coopered toasted and charred in Tasmania.  The first taste of Happy Heidi's King Island Distillery Single Malt Whisky should be available early 2025.

Is there a King Island Whisky Club?

Yes, King Island Distillery offers an exclusive whisky club for enthusiasts.

Is Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery the Most Northerly Distillery in Tasmania?

Yes, Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery is recognised as the most northerly going concern fully operational distillery to manufacture and sell craft spirits in Tasmania.

What Is the Best Tonic to Go With Gin?

Capi dry tonic is recommended to complement and enhance the flavours of King Island Distillery Native Gin and SinnaGIN.  Capi is based in Victoria and has a tasty range of mixers.

How Can I Book a Spirits Tasting at King Island Distillery?

To book a spirits tasting at King Island Distillery, visit the website to book online, or contact Heidi directly for availability.

Is King Island Distillery Open by Appointment?

Yes, the distillery may offer spirits tastings and distillery activities and King Island experiences by appointment. It is recommended to contact Heidi in advance to make arrangements.

How to Contact King Island Distillery?

For inquiries, you can contact Heidi of King Island Distillery through the website, email, or by phone.

Where Can I Buy King Island Distillery Spirits?

King Island Distillery's spirits are available for purchase at the distillery door, on their official website, and they may also be available at select boutique outlets, restaurants, bars, and licensed venues.

Is King Island Distillery Spirits Available in Major Liquor Stores?

No, King Island Distillery chooses to specialise in stocking the small batch King Island spirits and liqueurs in local boutique outlets, restaurants, bars, and licensed venues.  We love to support local small businesses.

What Glass Is Best for Drinking King Island Gin, Whisky, and Cocktails?

The best glassware for drinking gin, whisky, and cocktails may vary based on individual preferences. We like big crystal glasses in all shapes and sizes to enjoy our spirits and liqueurs, cocktails.

Should I Put Any King Island Spirits in the Fridge?

The storage recommendations for spirits are to keep them out of sunlight and high temperatures.  How to best store spirits may vary based on the type and personal preference. 

Gin is often stored at room temperature, while others may benefit from being chilled before serving. Some spirits, like 40% ABV vodka, can be stored in the freezer. Whisky is its best served at room temperature. 

It is recommended to follow the distillery's storage suggestions for each spirit.

Who Are Bill and Lyn Lark, and What Is Their Story in the Distilling Industry?

Bill and Lyn Lark are pioneers of the Tasmanian whisky and spirits distilling industry and their journey played a significant role in shaping Heidi Weitjens starting her distillery and the modern craft spirits movement in Australia and beyond.

How Many Australian Women Own Distilleries / Female Distillers in Australia?

Kristy Booth-Lark of Killara Distillery and Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery are two of few female founders in the world to own, distil their own craft spirits and manage a distillery.

The number of Australian women who own distilleries, or work as female distillers are growing.  Visit the AWDA website that showcases women in distilling throughout Australia. 

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