FigGIN Friday Cocktail


It's FigGIN'oclock Friday, a GINtastic time of week to share some GINspiration how to cherish a King Island cocktail and cheese.

Celebrate all things great, with FigGIN Cocktails (Fig Gin garnish cocktail) made with King Island Distillery Native Gin. Pour 30ml over a King Island Cloud Juice ice block, with a squeeze of lime juice, a splash of distillers tonic, topped with a piece of fig.  A perfect cocktail to pear alongside King Island Cape Wickham Brie and crackers and some more Friday GINspired figs.

Today's Fry-yay bonus distillery service, is a chance to shoot the 'Ned Kelpy specialist service manager' some feedback.
Hurry to beat the last chance before he gets boxed in at the end of happy Friday hour. 😉 Cheers mate friends, I hope a bit of fun films your happy Friday with extra happy smiles
 ♡ hh♡
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