Gold untold story


Winning the Gold Australian Cinematographer Award, ACS, for your film production about Heidi's King Island Distillery journey has my spirits soaring with excitement and happiness.

Congratulations Christian Fitzpatrick. These accolades are truly deserved to further reward and recognise your passion, skills and incredible ability to dig deep, connect and be totally tuned in to the surrounds to creatively capture a stunning story on camera.


Thankyou for your tireless dedication, being wonderful to work with, capturing the untold story we'll treasure forever. gold-award-film-Heidi-Weitjens-king-island-story

Cheers my friends....
    We certainly made a great team with the four of us having fun. Christian, my man Shane, Buddy dog and myself catching the spirit of King Island from beach to bottle.
Through the skill you have driving that lens, conquering the challenges and creating a masterpiece taking us all to a new level.
Rushed in to be film stars for some spirit tasting action, Jessica Cox, George Cox and Justin Hamer.  Thanks guys.
We'll be posting you more cask strength whisky to celebrate with your all time favourite sensational handcrafted spirit @kingislanddistillery 🙏💞 hh♡
christianfitzpatrickacs Instagram Post
"So pleased to be able to share with you that I was honoured with a gold award from the Australian Cinematographers Society for "King Island Distillery - The Untold Story".
It's a real honour and means a lot to me, because Heidi @kingislanddistillery, her partner Shane, and dog Buddy and I were the whole box and dice on this one.
Shooting it was an absolute adventure and I'm so grateful to Heidi for putting her trust in me to bring this to light.
I flew into King Island on the littlest plane I've ever been on, with a minimal kit due to weight restrictions. A camera, stills lenses, some fleccies, a few tiny lights, and we just have at it for a couple of days. Long hours in the distillery certainly didn't feel so bad when you're being force-fed single malt whiskey straight from the barrel. Believe me when say that my "no drink 'till wrap" rule was quashed by client mandate. 
Can't say I was unhappy about it either. Good times were had.
Super grateful for the chance, Heidi. Thankyou deeply. And super grateful for the ACS, who punctuate each year with so many moments that all of us members, family, friends and clients look forward to.
And also, Katie.
u SPC. x
@macandbern @austcine.qld @austcine.qld @reddigitalcinema @canonaustralia @sigmaphotoaustralia
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The Australian Cinematographers Society, ACS, is a non-political society of crafts people wishing to further develop their skills through mutual cooperation. Membership is open to all persons involved or associated with the motion picture and television industry.
What is a Cinematographer?
A cinematographer is the author of the moving image, using technical and artistic expertise to create moving images that tell the story through light, shadow and composition.

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