King Island Gin

We’re all about sharing the King Island spirit and seeing you smile. 
During your island holiday this Off Season, happy Heidi invites visitors to fortify themselves with GINspiriation and feel the warmth from the craft spirits at our King Island Distillery door. Get ready to feel the freedom and joys of a wild Winter getaway sharing the sights and GINformation you drink in, with your family and friends.
The good times beGIN with a laugh at GINo’clock and Native gin in hand, while we briefly reveal our anti ordinary ways. We hope your own GINtastic creativeness is simulated as we share ideas on how to serve our gins, signature spirits, whisky and liqueurs. Capped with a few extra tips and a choice of tipples to carry, or post home.
Discover how this GINdependently owned boutique business started, third time lucky, established on a shoestring budget from the ground up. The distillery's sustainable solutions and practices, on an isolated island, are often GINvented by this Native owner from her experience growing up on a dairy farm; with no choice but to simply make do, or figure out how to make something from almost nothing. 
Everything is done by hand, it’s labour of love distillery, not work and Happy Heidi’s focus is to keep it fun and learning new things all the time. Sharing unusual ways to safely repurpose, re-invent, recycle, re-use and regenerate almost anything that presents itself in the distillery, is second nature.
Renourish yourself on our GINcredible beautiful bare beaches surrounding King Island. Find a place to rewild the environment and make a positive impact as you connect with our natural surroundings. Happy Heidi’s Native coastal succulents nestled in an abalone shell, with your name in it, is our gift, to give back and nurture nature. The plant we have chosen to regrow, is one of our favourites, hand picked from the beach each time we distil Native GIN. ♡ hh♡ 

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