Lake Flannigan is a natural freshwater lake on King Island

Heidi Weitjens

I am often asked "Is Lake Flannigan is a natural freshwater lake on King Island?"  Yes it is.  Situated four kilometres south of the Cape Wickham Lighthouse, in the northern locality of Wickham before you reach Cape Wickham Golf Links Course who supports, stocks and sells King Island Distillery Spirits.  King Island Distillery Native Gin, King Island Distillery Ruby Vodka and King Island Distiller Choice Whisky.

At approximately 150 hectares, Lake Flannigan is the largest body of water on King Island, Tasmania. The size of the lake fluctuates significantly. In times of sustained high rainfall the length can reach almost 2 kilometres, and its width in some parts can be up to 1.5 kilometres.

The floor of the lake lies 15.25 metres AHD. Reports of the depth of the water vary widely from 9.1 metres in 1887 to 2 metres in 2007 after a period of severe drought coupled with the previous mis-direction of drainage into the lake. Lake Flannigan is visible from Cape Wickham Road to the East.

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