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LYN LARK Co-Founder of Lark Distillery, Tasmania, received the recognition she deserves for co-pioneering the first licensed Tasmanian whisky and dedicating the last three decades to the distilling industry; has been inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Australian Distillers Association, ADA 2023. 

   Cameron Syme, Australian Distillers Vice President, presented a well researched and incredibly inspiring speech filled with accolades, ( many never spoken of before, because Lyn chooses to not be in the public eye ), acknowledging Lyn Lark many achievements. ( I wish I had a copy of Camerons’ testimony about Lyn to share with you all, it was a privilege and very inspiring to witness my friend Lyn in this magnificent moment ). Looking beautiful and happy, Lyn gave a great speech to a standing ovation at the ADA gala dinner.  the country’s founding distillery for Australia’s biggest community of whisky lovers

   Lyn Lark, the first female distiller in Australia, is a courageous, clever, curious, capable and hard working lady that can turn her hand to almost anything, still constantly contributes so much to the industry and the people in it. Most people know and recognise Bill Lark, it was Lyn doing most of the distilling in the early days, to what has become a world recognised whisky, as well as juggling being a Mum, wife and many other responsibilities. Bill, husband for the last 50 years since they moved to Tasmania, was full time running their surveying business and would help with the distilling after work.  

   We are all so very proud of this high achieving lovely lady, who has devoted three decades to the country’s founding distillery that has grown under the Lark guidance and influence into Australia’s biggest community of quality whisky lovers. The tireless dedication as a quiet awesome achiever, the always humble Lyn continues to be a leader, ambassador, supporter and mentor in the fast growing distilling industry and beyond.

   Happy, happy, happy birthday Lyn. You deserve the absolute best in life and I hope all your other dreams come true too! I am blessed to be your friend for the last ten years. Thank you for always supporting, spoiling, guiding and believing in me. ♡ hh♡ xox


   Headline News. Legend Lyn Lark inducted into the Hall of Fame, broadcast nationally on Channel 7 news. Click the link to watch the news story.

   A few words of sincere appreciation and recognition to Lyn Lark from the Lark Distillery Team. “Where would we be without Lyn? Today and everyday, we're tipping our hat to Lyn Lark. While often behind the scenes, and where possible, behind the camera, Lyn Lark was the cornerstone of establishing LARK Distillery, the science and the palate, and the driving force in building the wider distilling industry. 

In Lyns' words, 'Every business needs a show pony and a draft horse.' We are incredibly lucky and proud to have Bill and Lyn Lark build this special business taking a small idea on a kitchen table to a globally recognised Single Malt Whisky. Congratulations Lyn and thank you for what you have done and what you continue to do for so many,” from the entire distilling industry. Slainte! Shared via LinkedIn.

   Another acknowledgement to Lyn Lark from Holly Klintworth, Bass and Flinders Distillery, “What an absolute honour for the whole industry to have newest Australian Distillers Hall of Fame inductees leading the charge and inspiring distillers and our broader spirits industry around the country for generations to come. Thank you Lyn, for inspiring women around the country who have come after you; for being a role model for women in distilling,” Holly, the president of the ADA, shared on Instagram.

Bill and Lyn Lark reflect on their 30 Years of Lark Distillery, a must watch documentary.  Click the link below to watch The Whisky Club clip on You Tube.

25 Jan 2022  THE STILL

   Bill and Lyn Lark celebrate 30 Years of Lark. Join them for a still-side chat about the early days of the distillery, how it feels to have kick-started the Australian Whisky Industry, and of course, they'll taste the Lark 30th Anniversary Edition.

   When Bill and Lyn Lark first fired up their original five litre still on their kitchen bench, they couldn’t have known what an incredible influence they would have on the spirits scene Downunder, or that they would be setting the wheels in motion for an entire Australian whisky industry.  

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