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Appreciating Independent Artists and their one-of-a-kind pieces Independent Artist Day™ on the 3rd of April, is a worldly thanks and recognition to all the artists, designers, illustrators, painters, and more who express themselves through their art, keep their dreams alive, take risks, and aim high. 
   The determination and natural and developing talents and skills of artists is valuable beyond measurement and the world is far more beautiful and inspiring with their vision and contributions. 
  Today is just one of the days to appreciate artists and the role of art in social, economic, and cultural spheres. 
   In recognition of the valuable contributions of independent artists to the art community and supporting their work; to commemorate years of the love for art, Minted founded by Mariam Naficy in America, last year led to Independent Artist Day™ being celebrated on the 3rd of April. Like so many of us, Mariam’s life is about supporting art; discovering, promoting, and, most importantly, embracing creative expression. 
   Often, the best types of art are works that haven’t been discovered, or recognised yet. 
While many artists get their lucky breaks, others struggle to showcase their art to the right audience, namely art lovers who hunt for art that resonates with their style. 
   Support an aspiring artist by buying their art. One purchase can generate a much greater reach through word of mouth and sharing on social media platforms to a like minded audience.
   Alternatively, encourage artists to showcase their work; an artist’s vision can be turned into reality through the support of their patrons. 
   The overall art community is kept alive and better still thrives, by supporting the lesser known artists and their unique art.
I'm forever grateful to Sandy Robinson craftswoman creater of Ned Kelpy our Mascot for King Island Distillery, he's a perfect match.
Visit King Island Kelp Craft.
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