On King Island this evening, a crowd of 70 hard-working passionate people, most of whom are self employed on King Island, came together with sincere concern faced by our  community in regards to the issue of shipping.  Rising prices, limited service, blasphemy and unreliablilry across some of the most expensive waters in the world.

Some of which is not directly accessible to us residence here on King Island for instance we are unable to ship directly from Melbourne Victoria to King Island Tasmania.

Eastern line shipping Warren Dick assured us that his community orientated and priced shipping service will continue to care for us.

Warren has options to bring freight from Melbourne to King Island and will continue to have the locals best interest at the forefront of their business operation.  Just call him.

The current system with Bass Island Line only allows freight direct from Tasmania, by sea and quoted prices to bring goods to the island are rising at an alarming rate.

Ruth Forrest, Warren Dick owner operator of eastern line shipping and the local executive shipping committee gathered together to face the local residence of King Island.

Organised by Wade Roskam King Island Community Radio 100.5 FM to discuss ongoing issues, regarding the freight, port and transport to and from King Island.

Tune in to hear what went on and the issues raised and concerns for the future of King Island stemmed from decades of battling with shipping issues not recognising King Island needs and want and prices that are prohibitive for any business big or small to thrive.


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