Since 2013 Heidi had a dream to become an Artisanal Distiller

Since 2013 Heidi had a dream to become an Artisanal Distiller
Since 2013, I have dreamt of handcrafting spirits inspired by the botanicals found on King Island.

The business planning journey commenced including advice in May 2013 to secure a domain name accessible to the world, followed by the creation of a Facebook business page, equipment purchases and securing all of the necessary permits and approvals under the company name of King Island Distillery Pty Ltd, a name I registered in October 2014.

I have spent six years learning from some of the best ambassadors, operators and distillers in Tasmania, while searching for the most authentic flavours to represent King Island in a bottle.  

A Silver Medal at the 2020 Australian Gin Awards for my first ever commercial batch of “Native Gin” would suggest I’m onto a winning recipe.

In June 2020 I registered the business name King Island Distillery and ten days later received Development Approval from King Island Council to manufacture and conduct sales, tastings and tours at the premises located near the Racecourse in Currie.

Three months later, as a solo owner and operator I commenced selling, with a soft launch of my spirits locally and online.

I am a proud local and artisanal distiller of spirits, using the finest ingredients to make award winning products right here on King Island.

Heidi Weitjens

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