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WHISKY spirit appreciators from all over Australia, flew to Tasmania for the annual Tasmanian whisky week (TWW) events from 8-14 August 2022 and most importantly to be at the spirit showcase, in Hobart.  

   Kate Akmentins, who is the Tasmanian Whisky and spirits Association Executive Officer, organises and looks after the record breaking number of events and participants in the TWW events and the 60 strong membership base.

   Back to back events all over the State, wrapped up by a successful spirit showcase. The TWW grand finale was a room full of spirited Tasmanian distilleries, proudly showcasing their handcrafted products, at PW1.  

Almost 40 different exhibitors showcased so many spirits to choose from, also offering friendly fun facts and stories giving people a snapshot of our industry.

   I was really nervous at the start, but then Bill Lark came to say giday to 'happy', as he always calls me. From then it was game on, non stop. About 700 people came through PW1 in about 6 hours, I think.  

   I love that customers travelled a long way to enjoy whisky week events and came to meet me in person and stock up on their favourite hh♡ spirits again.

The venue was perfect, the energy was uplifting, music was marvellous, all the stands looked so inviting, colourful and interesting. 

  It looked fantastic to see everyone that came in received a gift bag that said Tasmanian Whisky Week 2022. They all included bottled water, a whisky glass and a notebook carried by each person throughout each 3 hour session and they soon became a spirit shopping bag too.  

   During both sessions it was great to see waves of people crowd in front of every counter, sampling and buying all sorts of Tasmanian spirits.  

   This industry is epic to be a part of. The people behind every event, every counter and the place we call home, I believe, are the key to what makes all our spirits enjoyed by so many! I really enjoy catching up with industry people and meeting so many new faces too.        

   Everyone is awesome, it's extra special all meeting up together because we all share the same passion and love for what we craft and share," says owner/distiller Heidi Weitjens of King Island Distillery.     

   Many of the living legends of the whisky industry also came around to say giday to support us and that's incredibly rewarding. It's nice to be engulfed in magnificent moments and surrounded by supportive leaders that look out for little operators like myself.  

   It's empowering that these humble people acknowledge our achievements and that together we are stronger embracing the craft spirits of Tasmania.    

   I'm especially excited about my signature spirit, the first of its kind.  I've dedicated this to the Larks pioneers and ambassadors of the Tasmanian spirit industry, who will choose the name of this new style of spirit.  

   I firmly believe this spirit developed as a key part of my distillery sustainability plan, will make a positive difference to the entire industry.  I sincerely hope it will help remote distillery owner operators like I am and that the spirit be sought after by collector's.

Cheers my friends Happy Heidi, the heart of King Island Distillery. 

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