Swanning around King Island Tasmania from Golf course to Golf Course to Golf Course :-)

Swanning around King Island Tasmania from Golf course to Golf Course to Golf Course :-)

Swans lives are similar to the last 6 months of life with Covid restrictions.

42 days nested inside a shell, then 6 whole months stuck within the home boundaries only allowed to be hanging out with Mum.
Now it is happy Friday Grand Final Public Holiday (Go win the Grand Final Richmond!) and new found freedom with mates running up North road of King Island to next the closest bar.
So as you can imagine on a mission with places to be and see;  These 4 Cygnets just left the Local Links Golf and Bowling Club Bar in Currie.  They swanned along to Ocean Dunes Golf Links for a round overlooking the rugged Wild West Coastline. 
Now they've been seen (as pictured), in a flap charging up to Cape Wickham Golf Links to see the breathtaking views at sunset from the bar that overlooks the 18th. 
Freedom feels good when there's only need to be swanning around a distance of 40 km for the whole day (or 3) to explore 3 world class King Island Golf Links courses.
Heidi from King Island Distillery loves that we are about to swing into Golf Season number 5, or it could be 6 already, geez we've been having so much fun that time has gone past extra fast. 
We look forward to seeing you swanning around King Island soon too.  Cheers hh♡
Heidi Weitjens @kingislanddistillery

Swan facts Source https://rb.gy/hwqz4p

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