Tasmanian Whisky Week


Celebrating the achievements and craft of Tasmanian distillers, Tasmanian Whisky Week is a celebration of the numerous Tasmanian distilleries, their spirits and whisky.  

   Thirty distilleries, including Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery, are attending a number of events during the first two weeks of August 2022.

   It is important to book your tickets early to attend a diverse and engaging consumer events, being held in the North and South of Tasmania.  

   The flagship event is The Tasmanian Spirit Showcase held at PW1, Hobart on Saturday 13th August 2022.  Meet distillers, taste spirits, purchase spirits and attend workshops.

   Every year, we can get together and share our story and passion for whisky and spirits with people from around the world.

   Tasmania is the whisky destination of Australia.


Thursday 4th August 2022

King Island Distillery Heidi Weitjens is part of Tasmanian Whisky Week Opening Night 

- A Dedication of Distillers

   It’s the opening event of Tas Whisky Week!  Bill and Lyn Lark – whisky royalty will be in the house, along with Casey Overeem and Patrick Maguire who began a little distillery called Sullivan’s Cove.  Good food, great venue, whisky kings and queens and sterling company!

   Some of the distillers who will be attending are Hobart Whisky, Spring Bay, King Island Distillery, Spirit Thief, Overeem, Battery Point Distillery, Belgrove, Hunnington, Killara, Lark, Sullivan’s Cove, Pattex, New Town Distillery, Lark, Callington Mill, Transportation Whiskey, Derwent Distillery and many more.

 Join distillers at Deep South Brewing Co and and chat over pizza about your love of whisky with the people who make it.

   There’ll be some lucky door prizes, pizza, grazing boards and an Old Fashioned to welcome you through the doors.



Saturday 6th August 2022 Tasmanian Whisky Week 

King Island Distillery Heidi Weitjens in the

- Home Virtual Tasting Event

   A beloved event. Get a group of distillers together to present their whiskies and you get a whole lot of unpredictable moments!

Your hosts are the awesome John Jarvis from Hobart Whisky and Mark Teague from Whisky is my Jam.

   12 x 10ml expressions accompanied with a Glencairn glass.  Your tasting packs will be express posted to you and you will receive an email with the tracking information.

   Your online link will be emailed to you and this event will be recorded for those that can’t make it live and posted on our Facebook Tasmanian Whisky Week site.

   Be entertained (and educated by):

Chris Thompson from Lark Distilling Co

Clare Harman and Richard Mathews from Overeem Whisky

Heidi Weitjens from King Island Distillery

Tom Rofe from 7K Distillery

Peter Bignell from Belgrove

Karin Ketalaar from Bogan Road Distillery/Tasmanian Whisky Selectors

Dale Williams from Wellington Park Distillery

Tom Ambroz from Furneaux Distillery

Michael Briggs & Craig Spilsbury from IronHouse Brewery & Distillery

William McHenry from McHenry

Rob Tyson from Old Kempton Distillery

Brett Steel from Spirit Thief Distilling Co

Cam Brett from Spring Bay Distillery



Monday 8th August 2022, Tasmanian Whisky Week

King Island Distillery Heidi Weitjens is presenting at                            

- Monday Neat Tasting Night, pairing whisky and food

   To celebrate Tasmanian Whisky Week 2022, ‘Monday Neat’ Whisky tasting night is about sharing good company, good food, and great Tasmanian whisky.

   Sit back and taste while the Distillers/Blenders of four specially picked Distilleries guide you through a selection of their whisky expressions, all the while indulging in a selection of food pairings throughout the evening.

   Come and be whisky’ed and dined with us.  At Cinco Passiones Libation Lounge, Launceston, Tasmania.

   The Line Up:

Sullivans Cove Distillery

King Island Distillery

Launceston Distillery

Adams Distillery

   Brought to you by Cinco Passiones and The Tasmanian Whisky Experience



Wednesday 10th August 2022, Tasmanian Whisky Week

Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery celebrating          

- 30th anniversary of distilling in Tasmania, Gala Dinner

   This year in Tasmania we celebrate 30 years of distilling. In 1992 Bill and Lyn Lark were granted the first licence to distil since 1839, becoming the first Australian distillery to produce single malt spirit in 154 years. Bill was inducted into the Whisky Hall of Fame, the seventh person outside of Scotland or Ireland to be inducted, and the first distiller in the southern hemisphere to be recognised. 

   To celebrate this event, distillers from around the state, will come together to dine with consumers and tell their story of distilling to diners at the table. Distillers will be dotted around the room along with distilling pioneers – Lyn Lark, the Godfather of Australian Whisky Bill Lark, Casey Overeem from Overeem Whisky and Patrick Maguire who began Sullivan’s Cove.

   Join with distillers from Spring Bay Distillery, Belgrove, Callington Mill Distillery, Derwent Distillery, Hunter Island Whisky, Iron House, King Island Distillery, Lawrenny, McHenry, Old Kempton Distillery, Pattex, Spirit Thief, Lark, Hellfire Bluff, Transportation Whiskey, Launceston Distillery, Battery Point Distillery and Killara.

   Peter Bignell from Belgrove Distillery has created an amazing ice sculpture to honour this event where oysters will nestle into the specially made sculpture.

   The gala dinner is held at the magnificent and historic Hobart Town Hall.  A Tasmanian produce driven two course meal from acclaimed Tasmanian chef Scott Heffernan from Flint Kitchen. (Ex Smolt and Frank) Focused on the freshest locally sourced produce that is in season and cooked using fire.

   Behind the bar will be a bottle of Tasmania’s finest whisky/spirits/liqueurs from distilleries around the state. Pouring these for you will be John Jarvis from Hobart Whisky, Ally Bhana from Sullivan’s Cove and Mark Teague from @whiskyismyjam  Beer courtesy of McHenry Distillery and cider from Willie Smiths.

   Members of the Hobart Chamber Orchestra will be performing throughout the evening. Established in 1987 the Hobart Chamber Orchestra has established itself as a high quality ensemble with a reputation for initiative, innovation, building enduring collaborations, and fostering young talent.

   An experience that won’t be repeated, dining with the distillers for the 30th anniversary and the pioneers of the Tasmanian distilling industry.


 Thursday 11th August 2022, Tasmanian Whisky Week

King Island Distillery Heidi Weitjens presenting in Launceston at

Meet the Maker! 

   Liken this to speed dating for distillers…distillers will move from table to table and pour their whisky for you, take you through the tasting and answer all the questions you’ve ever wanted to ask.

This event is held at the famous Bluestone Bar & Kitchen, Launceston.  This is such a great event…for distillers and guests alike!

   Guests will move through to where the fun will really begin, starting with an arrival drink, canapes, main course, shared cheese platter and of course whisky! 

   The MC for the night is the irrepressible Craig Spilsbury from IronHouse Brewery & Distillery.  

   Meet the Maker Distilleries are:

Chris Condon from Launceston Distillery 

Heidi Weitjens from King Island Distillery

Michael Briggs from IronHouse Brewery

Adam Pinkard from Adam’s Distillery

William McHenry from McHenry Distillery



Saturday 13th Aug 2022, two sessions: 2 - 5pm and 6 - 9pm.  

Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery tastings and spirit sales at 

- The Tasmanian Spirit Showcase

Over 30 distillers showcasing their whisky and spirits.  Taste your way around Tasmania at Princes Wharf 1 (PW1).

Tasmanian Spirit Showcase ticket holders receive a TWW tote bag, bottle of water and a TWW Glencairn whisky glass. 

   Find your favourite brands and distillers and enjoy special Tasmanian Whisky Week releases they offer.

   Distillers showcasing their products are: Adam’s Distillery, Alchymia Distillery, Belgrove, Bright Night Gin, Callington Mill, Charles Oates, Charles Reuben Estate, Derwent Distillery, Drifters End Distillery, Edge of the World Distillery, Furneaux Distillery, Hellfire Bluff, Hellyers Road Distillery, Hobart Whisky, Hunnington Whisky, Iron House Distillery, Killara Distillery, King Island Distillery, Lark Distilling Co, Launceston Distillery, Lawrenny Estate, McHenry, New Norfolk Distillery, Old Kempton Distillery, Overeem Whisky, Pattex Distillery, South Arm Distillery, Spirit Thief Distilling Co, Spring Bay Distillery, Summerleas Distillery, Tasmanian Whisky Selectors, Turners Stillhouse, Waubs Harbour and Wellington Park Distillery.

   The Tasmanian Cask Company is a specialised spirit barrel cooperage based in the heart of the Tasmanian distilleries. Find out why charring matters, the impact of charring Vs toasting and the different levels of charring in this spectacular demonstration at the Tasmanian Spirits Showcase.

   Showcase Workshops

Limited to 20 pax, to join these special workshops. First in best dressed! Register when you enter the Showcase – only during the first session of 2pm to 5pm. The workshops run for 15 minutes.

   2.15pm The Role of Cask Maturation.  Presented by Ally Bhana and Laura Hay from Sullivan’s Cove. Ally and Laura will take you through expressions of Sullivan’s Cove new make, cask sample from a young cask and a fully matured American Oak ex-bourbon release.

   3.15pm Distillery contrast: Launceston and Hobart. Presented by Mark Teague of @WhiskyIsmyJam Launceston Distillery and Hobart Whisky present both a new make sample and an ex-bourbon expression. Mark will take you through the nuances of each and explain the differences in these interesting expressions.

   4.15pm Single Pot Still Masterclass.  Presented by Johnny Halton of Transportation Whiskey.  Hunter Island New Make and an Irish single pot still

   Food trucks will be onsite


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