What is it about Heidi's Golden Gin?

What is it about Heidi's Golden Gin?

Gin aged at Sea around King Island

A Golden Spirit made in Heidi’s Copper Angels and matured out at sea around the shores of King Island is flying out of the Distillery. 

It is Barrel Aged Gin, a small batch of just 50 bottles of this Golden coloured Gin, distilled at King Island Distillery and aged in a Cask on a Crayfish Boat working in Bass Strait.

This Spirit, made on King Island in January, was married up in a Barrel coopered by Adam Bone.  This custom made cask aged Heidi’s Native Gin for a couple of months in the fore Cabin of Shane's 43 Foot Cray Boat 'Even Steven'.   

If one of us (Heidi is Shane's Princess Deckhand on 'Even Steven') needed a nap while working 50 Crayfish Pots around the seas of King Island catching Lobster (and the odd Sand Shark, Conger Eel and too many Bank Robbers - Octopus), there was just enough room to share the single bed.   We had no choice but to spoon the cuddly Cask in the fore cabin as it was working its magic on this special hh  handcrafted Spirit of King Island.

Naturally it was our responsibility to dutifully check this special Spirit (our Angel share), as often as we thought necessary to ensure quality control ;-) and left it to age (along with us) out on the wild and unpredictable seas of Bass Strait, until it tasted perfectly ready. The time needed to mature this King Island Aged Gin is much shorter than the mandatory minimum 2 years for ageing Whisky.

We have chosen to bottle this liquid Gold at a generous 50% Alcohol (higher than most Whisky's).  At this high percentage we think the Spirit of this Gin is at a premium; it leaves room for showcasing the sweetness of Muscat followed by a smokey charring note to really shine through one at a time, with a super smooth finish of well matched flavours that tickle the tongue.  We enjoy tasting it neat.

This was truly a great learning experience and an experiment for Heidi, discovering hands on that the process for ageing this smooth Gin truly capturing the Spirit of King Island.

Big love to Shane, Heidi’s right hand man, for this opportunity and all his tireless assistance and support.

Cheers from hh

Heidi Weitjens Founder | Sole Trader | Distiller 

Passionate King Islander 

King Island Distillery Est. 2014


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