Whisky release

Whisky release

Easter special release, at Heidi's King Island Distillery, batch #8 distiller choice single PX cask 3 year old rich and robust Tasmanian single malt whisky. 

Visit, try and buy at distillery cellar door, because we love it when you support local.

We offer a GINcredible range of the handcrafted spirits, native gin, barrel aged gin, ruby grapefruit spirit, whisky oak rested spirit, VS brandy and Limoncello all made with hh ♡ on King Island.  

Making all the spirits by hand onsite; hh♡ pours in plenty of ♡ in every bottle; in hope that each time the spirit of King Island is opened, it helps bring a smile thinking and sharing stories about enjoying our lovely Island, friendly people and our prime products and produce.

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