World listening day

World Listening Day, is about focusing on talking less and listening more. 
    With the hustle and bustle of daily life, we rarely stop to not just hear, but to truly listen to our surroundings.  
   The photo of Buddy, my dog, is an example to me of him listening wherever we are on King Island, Tasmania. He does this all day, I can breathe differently or whisper 'ok let's go' to him and he hears it.    
   Buddy is always listening out for the sounds around us, where we live, or at the beach. Even at the King Island Distillery, sometimes I can't even guess what he has heard. Perhaps it's hh♡ talking about making her handcrafted artisan spirits of King Island, Tasmania that always sounds interesting ;-).      
   Technology and constant hustling often prevent us from shutting out the noise and listening intently, to what people are communicating and even our own inner voice. 
On World Listening Day, talking less and listening more is what it is all about.    
   Listening to friends, family, and having heart-to-heart conversations, with patience, are especially encouraged today.    
   Being there for others and listening to them, can be therapeutic and beneficial for both the listener and the speaker. 
   Staying quiet and contemplating the world around us, by just listening, potentially calms and soothes our thoughts. 
   The aim of the day is for us to remember, every day, the benefits and to consciously practise better listening and understanding.
 Numbers by World National Day Stats.
   20,000–30,000 – the number of words the average person hears over 24 hours.
   70% – the percentage of time spent during the day engaged in some form of communication.
   55% – the percentage of time out of the above 70% that is devoted to listening.
   85% – the percentage of what we have learned through listening.
   450 – the average number of words you’re able to listen to per minute.
   25% – the percentage of things people remember that they have listened to.
   4 – the number of distinct styles of listening.
   40% – the percentage of people who employ two, or more, of the styles of listening at any given time.
   30 minutes – the time spent listening to someone complaining, or nagging, which can cause damage to your brain.
   12% – the percentage increase in test scores of a group of people, who listened to classical music before studying.

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