Yambacoona House spirits lifted by local family

Yambacoona House a focal point of  Northern King Island, Tasmania.

Yambacoona House is the Heart of the North of King Island, located minutes from Cape Wickham Golf Course, the Island’s best beaches, and wildlife is literally on the doorstep.

Heidi Weitjens took this photo of the opening for the King Island Community and King Island Distillery gifted them King Island Gin to celebrate the achievements of restoring Yambacoona House, a credit to all involved.

Shelley McKenzie, and her brother Gordan and I all went to Reekara Primary School, up the North of the Island and plenty of time was spent together on our neighbouring farms.

Yambacoona House  

This renovated, federation style home is close to pristine beaches, gourmet restaurants, and world class golf courses and offers affordable accomodation for up to eight people.

The McKenzie Clan

Yambacoona House has been in the extended family for years and the McKenzie clan are the new custodians.

Gordon McKenzie and his family are fourth generation King Islanders, “I’m a born and bred King Island person, we lived just up the road at Egg Lagoon. My family first came to King Island around 1910. I dreamt that one day I could do something with the property. And then it was available.”

King Island is our home.

After undergoing an extensive restoration, Yambacoona House is settling into its new life as a short-term accommodation property and a family hub.

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Yambacoona is a small settlement on King Island about 30 kilometres north of Currie. The settlement’s name is most likely taken from a ship, the Yambacoona, which was owned by the firm of Stephenson and Gunn.

Yambacoona House was built in 1902 and sits on 17 acres of picturesque countryside. Visitors to King Island can stay at the house and experience the grandeur of a time gone by.

It was built by the original cattle baron of the north, Francis Stephenson who commissioned Yambacoona House and who was in partnership with Gunn of Launceston. Making this House a legacy of cattle kings.

Between 1916 and 1919 Yambacoona Estate was owned in partnership by the ultimate Australian cattle lord Sydney Kidman, who was seeking southern, high-rainfall cattle country. The land holdings were partitioned by the government to settle returned soldiers after World War I.

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