Crayfish cooking demonstration class

Ever wanted to master the art of cooking crayfish without the hassle of a GINourmous pot? Look no further. Our 7-minute cooking demonstration will unveil a simple yet genius technique to cook Southern Rock Lobsters, lovingly known as crayfish, to perfection. Learn how to create a culinary masterpiece in just a matter of minutes, leaving you with more time to savour the delights.


$377.00 per person




Either 5.30pm Thursday's. 11am or 5.30pm Saturday’s (except race days)

About this experience

Ready to dive into the world of Crayzee Cooking? Secure your spot at our demonstration and prepare to embark on a gastronomic adventure that celebrates the essence of King Island local spirit and the delight of crayfish cuisine, cooked in more ways than one.

🦞 Crayzee Cooking Demonstration

📝 Description: A culinary adventure as you learn Crayzee new ways to cook crayfish in minutes, paired with our signature Crayzee sauces, infused with our King Island Distillery spirits. 

🕒 Duration: 1 hour

📍 Location: Currie

💰 Price Range: A min. starting price point of $757 for one, or two people and then $377 p.p. after that

👥 Group Size: 2 to 12 participants

🎯 Ideal For: Food enthusiasts, seafood lovers, crayfish fans, groups of friends, team-building activities

📋  Inclusions:

- Guided Crayfish Cooking demonstration

- Tasting of delectable fresh cooked crayfish 

- Making Crayzee sauces featuring Heidi’s King Island Distillery craft spirits

🎉 Bonus Offers:

- Take-home recipes for your culinary repertoire

🔥 Selling Points:

- Learn the art of cooking crayfish in minutes

- Craft your own unique Crayzee sauces with a dash of local King Island craft spirit

- Enjoy a memorable group activity with friends, family, or colleagues

Cooking crayfish in this crayzee way is even better when shared with friends, family and colleagues. We invite you to extend the invitation to them – let's create and a little Crayzee.  More details: 


   EMBRACE the culinary excitement on King Island and immerse yourself in this engaging experience. We will take you on a gastronomic journey as we showcase the art of cooking Southern rock lobster (crayfish), in just seven minutes - no pot required!  Happy Heidi will guide you through the process, sharing techniques and insights that will elevate your crayzee cooking skills.

   But that's not all! We'll also unveil the secrets of our renowned 'Crayzee sauces,' infused with the unique flavours of our King Island spirits. From sweet to spicy, you'll master the art of creating delicious sauces that complement the delicate flavours of the crayfish.

The Greater Purpose 

   These demonstrations have been created to share with fellow Aussies some of the skills we’ve learnt to prepare and cook live crayfish, transforming it into a regular, tasty, easy to cook protein of choice. This idea was born from Heidi’s two years of working out at sea as a cray deckhand, to ‘cultivate crayzee confidence in consumers’ and build a culture of consistent demand to support local fishermen. Together we can eat our way, starting locally, towards a more stable market and pave the way to help Cray fishermen regain a secure, sustainable and prosperous future that extends to the broader seafood industry.

Demonstration Description

   While this is a demonstration-style class where we will lead the crayzee cooking process, you'll still have the opportunity to observe and learn the techniques that create our signature dishes. Gain insights into the flavours, ingredients and King Island spirits that make this experience truly exceptional.

Crayzee Highlights

- Guided Crayzee cooking class demonstration, led by Happy Heidi and her Team for a educational and enjoyable experience

- Step-by-step instructions for cooking Crayfish during this observational demonstration. Participants will have the opportunity to watch and gain insights and ask questions about the creation of our signature dishes as we showcase the cooking process and maybe a story about working as a deckhand on a cray boat

- Every person has their own King Island Crayfish to eat, plus a takeaway compostable container

- 2 x 200ml bottles per person of King Island distillery spirits chosen, some for cooking and for the cooks

- Witness how we craft our ‘Crayzee sauces’ with our premium King Island Distillery spirits and how to customise the level of spiciness and flavour to suit personal tastes

- Two Crayzee sauces, in a compostable container with lid

Crayzee Bonus 

- The opportunity to place an order to buy live crayfish to apply your newly acquired Crayzee cooking skills

- More techniques and insights into the culinary world and the unique flavours of King Island when paired with local artisan spirits

 - Recipes to refresh and remember all the crayzee cooking and creating 


   Minimum $750 per class of two and $377 p.p. thereafter


   Approximately one hour


   Classes are regularly available throughout the warmer months from mid November to the end of Easter holidays. But, may exclude the crayfish breeding season closure and may not be operational at times if no crayfish are available on the island due to unforeseen circumstances.  Crayzee Class times will be from either 11am, or 5pm Thursday and Saturday’s.


- Crayzee demo dates, are listed here to book online to participate in a Crayzee cooking experience

- Booking cutoff time, is 24 hours in advance before confirming any reservations

- Gift option, the Crayzee cooking experience could be purchased as a gift for friends, family, work or play mates. Secure a gift online with us at

- Enquiries, can be sent via email to 

- Eight to twelve participants per class is the preferred maximum number of people. This is to provide an ideal group size ensuring a personalised and interactive session

Additional Information

- Bring yourself and your own personal necessities. We provide the necessary cooking equipment and ingredients

- Your safety and well-being are paramount. As we welcome you to our Crayzee cooking experience, we want to assure you that we follow safety measures to ensure a comfortable, clean and secure environment for all participants

- This experience is tailored to accommodate most skill levels within the context of a home kitchen

- Participants can place an order to buy live crayfish to take home and impress your loved ones with your newfound culinary expertise 

- The final market price to buy live crayfish varies and can be only confirmed on the day of purchase, payment can be made by card, or cash

- Indulge in the flavours and traditions that make this island truly unique. Immerse yourself in the charm of King Island and share your feedback with us and review about the quality and value of the crayzee experience

Conclusion of cooking up this Crayzee cause

   The bigger picture behind conducting these demonstrations is to empower Aussies with the skills to effortlessly and effectively prepare crayfish, transforming it into a favoured and sought after protein choice. Born from two years of firsthand experience on a cray boat at sea, this endeavour springs from an acute awareness from seeing and experiencing first hand the challenges faced, creating an acute awareness of the individual and industries struggles. 

   Heidi’s goal is to ‘cultivate a Crayzee confidence in consumers’, who then share the excitement with others around the Country, that cooking crayfish at home, or on the bbq at the beach is easy once you know how. We want people to see for themselves that they can cook their own crayfish and be rewarded by it being tastier and fresher than ever before. This concept can then create a culture for more consistent demand which gives us all more options and opportunity for fresh cooked crayfish to be a regular meal choice, rather than a sporadic tradition just prior to Christmas and usually priced at top dollar. 

   This crayzee idea forms a commitment to support our resilient local fishermen, who courageously navigate the daily crayzee conditions and the whims of nature. In doing so, together we can aim to stabilise the market and help navigate the challenges wrought by the COVID-19 crisis, by fostering a robust domestic demand that enables cray fishermen and their deckhands a more consistent and hard earnt income to care for their families that overflows into the broader local communities. Our unwavering dedication extends to the broader Australian seafood industry, as we eat more Crayzee more often and crawl our way starting locally towards a more secure, sustainable and prosperous future for all stakeholders involved.

What you can do

   Book the Crayzee cooking experience for you and your friends today and let us guide you through an extraordinary culinary adventure that combines the best of King Island's produce with our exquisite artisanal spirits. Join us for a captivating demonstration that brings the flavours of King Island to life and enhances your culinary repertoire and let us reveal what is behind our Crayzee creations.  

Proceeds are donated 

   With your support the proceeds from the Crayzee cooking bookings will boost Happy Heidi’s King Island Distillery’s contributions to donate to the local Seafood industry and RAW representatives.  Thank you.

Unforeseen Circumstances and Rescheduling 

   We understand that unexpected situations can arise, including illness, or being unable to attend. Out of consideration for others, we kindly request that if you are feeling unwell, or suspect you may have COVID-19, please refrain from attending the experience. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.  

   If you're a registered participant and find yourself unable to join the Crayzee Cooking Experience due to sickness, or any other unforeseen reason, please notify us by calling the King Island Distillery mobile at 0488 243377 as soon as possible. 

   While we do not offer refunds for cancellations due to sickness, no-shows, or if you're unable to attend, we are committed to finding a solution.    

   We're happy to collaborate with you to reschedule your experience, which will include the additional cost of a live crayfish, any other fresh ingredients and experience related expenses. A rescheduled class attendance could be held at a later date, subject to availability. Your well-being is a priority, and we truly appreciate your understanding of this policy. For any further inquiries, please reach out to us at

Package Disclaimer 

   Inclusivity and Guest Well-Being: At King Island Distillery, we strive to accommodate various dietary preferences and allergies to the best of our ability. However, please be aware that while we make every effort to provide options suitable for different needs, guests with specific dietary restrictions or allergies should be cautious and exercise their own judgement when participating in our experiences. 

   Our team will gladly provide information about ingredients used in our classes and tastings, but it is ultimately the guest's responsibility to make informed decisions based on their individual requirements. King Island Distillery shall not be held liable for any allergic reactions, or health-related incidents that may occur during, or any missing items, during or after participating in our activities. 

  The safety and well-being of our guests remain a top priority, and we encourage open communication with our team to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for all.

   To participate in the Crayzee Cooking Experience, all attendees are kindly requested to make a payment. This payment ensures your inclusion in the experience and covers the cost of ingredients, materials, expert guidance and the overall immersive journey. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in making this experience possible for all participants.

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Heidi Weitjens - Founder | Artisan Distiller | Native - made on King Island 

King Island Distillery Pty Ltd Est. 2014

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Dial the Distiller on 0488 CHEERS = 0488 243377


   Group bookings can be accommodated.

All enquiries are welcome.

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More about getting crayzee....

CRAYZEE COOKING Demonstration: Unveil the Art of Cooking Crayfish with King Island Flair

Discover the Crayziness:

Join us for an exciting culinary adventure that promises to take your taste buds on a voyage they won't forget. Introducing the "Crayzee Cooking Demonstration" by Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery. As the trend of masterclasses gains momentum, we're jumping on board with a unique offering that's bound to make waves – or should we say, craywaves?

Unleash Your Inner Chef:

Ever wanted to master the art of cooking crayfish without the hassle of a GINourmous pot? Look no further. Our 7-minute cooking demonstration will unveil a simple yet genius technique to cook Southern Rock Lobsters, lovingly known as crayfish, to perfection. Learn how to create a culinary masterpiece in just a matter of minutes, leaving you with more time to savour the delights.

Crayzee for Flavour:

But the Crayziness doesn't stop there. We're thrilled to share our King Island spirit-laced 'Crayzee Sauces,' an exquisite fusion of flavours that will elevate your crayfish to new heights. Delight in the union of island tastes and crafted spirits, creating a culinary symphony that dances on your palate.

Your Ticket to Crayziness:

- Step-by-Step Guidance: Our expert guide will lead you through the cooking demonstration, offering tips, tricks, and insights to ensure your crayfish creation is nothing short of spectacular.

- Savour and Sip: As you witness the magic unfold, treat yourself to a sip of our handcrafted spirits, perfectly paired to complement your culinary journey.

Bonus Crayziness:

- Fresh Crayfish Takeaway: Ready to recreate the magic at home? Gain exclusive access to order fresh crayfish, allowing you to showcase your newfound skills and impress your friends and family with your Crayzee cooking prowess.

Price and Inclusions:

- Crayzee cooking demonstration has a minimum starting price point of $757 for one or two people and then $377 p.p. after that.

- Includes demonstration, cooked King Island crayfish, sauces, cheese and condiments, spirits and bonus recipes.

Important Note:

While we're passionate about showcasing the art of Crayzee Cooking, please note that this demonstration is subject to availability.  Every year, from 1 October to 15th November, the Crayfish season takes a break for breeding. 

Embrace the Crayzee Spirit:

At King Island Distillery, we're all about embracing the unique spirit of King Island and infusing it into every experience. Join us for a culinary journey that promises to be both enlightening and delectable.

Unveil the Crayzee Magic:

Ready to dive into the world of Crayzee Cooking? Secure your spot at our demonstration and prepare to embark on a gastronomic adventure that celebrates the essence of King Island and the magic of crayfish cuisine.


Your Host

Host image

Heidi Weitjens, founder, owner and distiller King Island Distillery P/L Est. 2014