Cocktails in Currie with King Island Distillery Craft Spirits

Cocktail-o-Clock with Heidi's King Island Distillery


$77.00 per person


1h  –  13h


M, W, Sat, from 5.30pm for one hour

About this experience

King Island Cocktail-o-Clock class in Currie CBD with hh♡ the local female founder, owner and distiller of King Island Distillery - Mix up some fun enjoying the spirit of King Island.

🍸 King Island Cocktail-o-Clock class in Currie

📝 Description: Immerse yourself in a hands-on cocktail-making class, where you'll craft unique cocktails infused with King Island ingredients, paired with local condiments. 

🕒 Duration: 1 hour

📍 Location: Currie area

💰 Price Range: $77 min 2 pax

👥 Group Size: 2 to 12 participants

🎯 Ideal For: Cocktail enthusiasts, special occasions, social gatherings in person, or a virtual version

📋  Inclusions:

- Guided cocktail-making session

- King Island condiments for pairing

- Recipe booklet with curated cocktail recipes

🎉 Bonus Inclusion:

- Cocktail-o-clock bonus book with King Island Distillery cocktail recipes, tips, tricks, templates and techniques booklet to recreate cocktails at home

🔥 Selling Points:

- Hands-on experience crafting cocktails with a King Island local twist

- Perfect for socialising and celebrating special occasions

- Create memorable cocktails inspired by local ingredients

- Take home booklet with a King Island GINfluence and skills to impress mates with some of your own mixology

🍹🍸🧀 King Island Cocktail-o-Clock in Currie 🍹🍸🧀

Taste, Shake, Serve, Sip and ShenaniGINs

Elevate your island experience with a touch of luxury, a splash of creativity and a load of fun! Join us for a captivating journey where King Island's craft spirits and mixology meet for ‘Cocktail-o-Clock’ in Currie. 

Cocktail-O-Clock is even better when shared with friends, family and colleagues. We invite you to extend the invitation to them – let's create more magnificent mixology memories together.  Taste, Shake, Serve, Sip and ShenaniGINs in more detail:

Let the Good Times BeGIN:

Flavour and flair brings the magic of mixology to your doorstep. We guide you through crafting King Island's signature cocktails, infusing every sip with the essence of the island itself. Shake, stir and celebrate the spirit of King Island with every delightful creation.

GINspiring combinations:

But that's not all! Indulge in the harmony of flavours as we pair our exquisite cocktails with a selection of King Island's condiments. Savour the taste of locally crafted cheese and crackers that complement your cocktail experience, creating a symphony of indulgence that dances on your palate.

GINdependent Bonus:

As a token of our appreciation, you'll receive King Island Distillery's exclusive recipes, allowing you to recreate the cocktail magic at home. Let the ShenaniGIN’s continue long after the last sip.

GIN made me do it:

King Island Cocktail-o-Clock in Currie is a limited-time engagement, to warm up your cockles before dinner. Created for those who crave not just a cocktail, but an experience to immerse yourself in the fusion of flavours, an introduction to mixology and the island's culinary spirit – all in the heart of Currie.

   Seize the opportunity to taste the flavours, shake up some excitement, serve up a memorable time and indulge in sips accompanied by ShenaniGINs. Brought right to your doorstep in Currie, presented by none other than Happy Heidi, the woman behind King Island Distillery. This is a class not to be missed. Secure your spot today to join in the GINcredible experience!

Inclusivity and Guest Well-Being At King Island Distillery, we are committed to accommodating a range of dietary preferences and allergies to the best of our ability. While we make every effort to offer options suitable for different needs, guests with specific dietary restrictions or allergies are advised to use their own judgement and caution when participating in our experiences. 

   Our team can provide ingredient information, but it's ultimately the guest's responsibility to make informed decisions based on their individual requirements. King Island Distillery is not liable for allergic reactions, health incidents, or any missing items during or after participation. Guest safety and well-being are paramount, and we encourage open communication to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

GINformation for a Cause

Happy Heidi's GINspiration is to foster cocktail making confidence in consumers, who can then share their passion for responsibly creating, making and sipping cocktails safely at home. We encourage individuals to explore their own ideas, resulting in flavours that are richer and fresher than ever before. This concept, through each pour, cultivates a culture of knowledge, understanding and appreciation, more choices and opportunities while most importantly promoting quality over quantity.

   After a decade of industry research and development, this endeavour arises from a keen understanding of people's interests and needs. Heidi's objective is to responsibly create "cocktail confidence" in consumers, enabling them to share their excitement and knowledge with friends Nationwide. We aim to cultivate a culture of safe cocktail crafting at home, allowing people to explore their creativity and enjoy unparalleled freshness and taste. This movement may enhance demand for Tasmanian and Australian manufactured beverages in our rapidly growing craft spirits industry.

Our commitment to support resilient distillers we navigate a more than a glass half full of challenges, including government regulations and exorbitant excise tax. 

   Together, we can strengthen the niche artisan spirits market, address challenges brought on by the COVID-19 impacts and foster a wider appreciation for local handcrafted quality products in our industry.

By building up increased awareness about the benefits of small batch spirits, our dedication extends to the broader Australian distilling industry, on a path towards a stable, secure, sustainable and prosperous future.

Pouring for purpose:

Consider that the proceeds from this experience contribute to sending six King Island students to Hobart's Government House for valuable work experience. 

   This collaboration initiative is with Happy Heidi and the Team at Government house and will conclude with Tasmanian produce presented by the executive chef and inhouse catering Team to pair with Happy Weitjens King Island Distillery boutique batch artisan spirits, as a fundraising dinner onsite. Profit from the money raised will be donated towards sponsoring an annual opportunity for this partnership to continue as an enriching endeavour for King Island District high school students to celebrate their talents fostering growth and potential.

What You Can Do:

Book the cocktail-making experience for yourself and friends today, go to our website booking page at 

To participate a payment is required from all attendees and they must be over 18 years old. This payment secures your place in the session and covers ingredients, materials, guidance and the immersive journey. Your understanding in facilitating this is greatly appreciated. 

   Let us lead you through a captivating journey that celebrates the essence of merging our local craft spirits with cocktail creativity. Join us for a delightful demonstration that brings King Island's flavours to the fullest and reveals the artistry behind our creations.

Duration: Approximately one hour


Classes are regularly available throughout September to the end of Easter holidays. Class times will start at 5.30pm Monday and Wednesday and Saturday’s. Held in the Distillery, or kitchen/dining area of your Currie based accommodation.  Classes outside of Currie requires advance inquiry.

Cost: $77 p.p. Min. two people.


- Book online here to participate

- Booking cutoff time, is 24 hours in advance before confirming any reservations

- Gift option, the cocktail class experience could be purchased as a gift for friends, family, work or play mates. Secure a gift voucher with us for an extra special gift.

- Enquiries, can be sent via email to 

- Twelve participants per class is the preferred maximum number of people. This is to provide an ideal group size ensuring a personalised and interactive session

Additional Information:

- We provide the necessary equipment and ingredients. Bring along your water and own personal needs.

- Safety and well-being are paramount. We want to assure you that we follow safety measures to ensure a comfortable, clean and secure environment for all participants

- This experience is tailored to accommodate most skill levels within the context of a home

- Participants can place an order of spirits to take or be delivered home to practise and impress your loved ones with your newfound cocktail making skills.

- Indulge in the flavours and traditions that make this island truly unique. Immerse yourself in the charm of King Island and share your feedback with us and review about the quality and value of the experience

Unforeseen Circumstances and Rescheduling: 

We understand that unexpected situations can arise, including illness, or being unable to attend. Out of consideration for others, we kindly request that if you are feeling unwell, or suspect you may have COVID-19, please refrain from attending the experience. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.  

   If you're a registered participant and find yourself unable to join the Experience due to sickness, or any other unforeseen reason, please notify us by calling the King Island Distillery mobile at 0488 243377 as soon as possible. 

   While we do not offer refunds for cancellations due to sickness, no-shows, or if you're unable to attend, we are committed to finding a solution.    

   We're happy to collaborate with you to reschedule your experience, which will include the additional cost of any fresh ingredients and experience related expenses. A rescheduled class attendance could be held at a later date, subject to availability. Your well-being is a priority, and we truly appreciate your understanding of this policy. For any further inquiries, please reach out to us at


   Inclusivity and Guest Well-Being: At King Island Distillery, we strive to accommodate various dietary preferences and allergies to the best of our ability. However, please be aware that while we make every effort to provide options suitable for different needs, guests with specific dietary restrictions or allergies should be cautious and exercise their own judgement when participating in our experiences. 

   Our team will gladly provide information about ingredients used in our classes and tastings, but it is ultimately the guest's responsibility to make informed decisions based on their individual requirements. King Island Distillery shall not be held liable for any allergic reactions, or health-related incidents that may occur during, or any missing items, during or after participating in our activities. 

  The safety and well-being of our guests remain a top priority, and we encourage open communication with our team to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for all.

   To participate in the experience, all attendees are kindly requested to make a payment. This payment ensures your inclusion in the experience and covers the cost of ingredients, materials, expert guidance and the overall immersive journey. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in making this experience possible for all participants.

Thank you!

   ♡ hh♡ | happy heidi the heart of King Island spirits made with love

Heidi Weitjens - Founder | Artisan Distiller | Native - made on King Island 

King Island Distillery Pty Ltd Est. 2014

Call us to discuss alternative times.

Dial the Distiller on 0488 CHEERS = 0488 243377


   Group bookings can be accommodated.

All enquiries are welcome.

Click map to King Island Distillery for a GPS guide to visit distillery door, on Racecourse Road in Currie.

King Island Distillery Pty Ltd Est 2014

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Enjoy the hh♡ local artisan spirits made of the island.


We are delighted to introduce you to the captivating world of King Island Distillery. From enchanting spirits to immersive experiences, we offer an array of offerings that promise to elevate your clients' journeys to new heights. Let's get started on an GINspiring adventure together!

# Elevate Your Clients' Experiences with King Island Distillery

## Unveiling Unforgettable Adventures and Authentic Tastes

## Happy Heidi’s Boutique Distillery - is a GINuine Treasure

🏰 Locally owned and operated King Island Distillery, where craftsmanship meets adventure. Established by Heidi Weitjens, we stand proudly as the 10th distillery to register in Tasmania, crafting premium artisanal spirits that capture the essence of our island sanctuary.

## Why Choose King Island Distillery?

🌟 Exceptional Quality: Our handcrafted spirits are meticulously distilled, each bottle telling a story of passion, dedication and a hands on labour of love made on King Island.

🌊 Authentic Experiences: Immerse your clients in the heart of gin-making with our curated distillery experiences. From Crayzee Cooking Classes to Guided Spirits Tastings, there's something for every palate.

🍹 Unique Flavours: Our signature gins, including King Island Native Gin and SinnaGIN, celebrate the island's bounty with locally sourced botanicals, creating distinctive and memorable tastes.

🌿 Sustainable Practices: We're committed to sustainability, ensuring that our operations respect the environment and support our local community.

## Our Distillery Experiences - Tailored Adventures Await:

### Crayzee Cooking Class

🦞 Unleash culinary creativity with our Crayzee Cooking Class! Learn to cook Southern Rock Lobsters in just 7 minutes and whip up our King Island spirit-laced 'Crayzee Sauces'. Take home fresh crayfish and culinary skills that will impress.

### Guided Spirits Tasting

🥃 Embark on a journey through our signature spirits with an expert guide. Dive into the stories behind each blend, the distillation process, and King Island's rich culture.

### Elevate Corporate Branding

🎁 Impress your clients with our bespoke gifting experiences. King Island Distillery spirits make for exceptional and memorable corporate gifts that stand out.

## Your Partnership with King Island Distillery

🤝 Collaborate with us for a WIN-WIN partnership. Expand your offerings with unique experiences that resonate with your clients' desires for authentic, meaningful journeys.

## Exclusive Copper Angel Club

👼 Join our loyalty program and access pre-release spirits, limited editions, and VIP deals. Become a part of our extended family and share in our GINspiration.

## Booking Information

Ready to embark on a journey of exceptional tastes and experiences? Contact us today to discuss our King Island Distillery offers packages created for your clients.


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We invite you to be a part of the King Island Distillery story. Together, let's create unforgettable memories for your clients.

Cheers to celebrating  many happy, healthy and fun days of travel together

Heidi Weitjens

Founder, Owner and Artisan Distiller

King Island Distillery P/L  Est. 2104



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Heidi Weitjens, founder, owner and distiller King Island Distillery P/L Est. 2014