Climbing Currie Lighthouse


King Island Walks has been awarded the contract for the Currie lighthouse climbing tours. 

Currie lighthouse climbing tours soon to be running on King Island, Tasmania. "We're really excited to be doing this lighthouse tour, we're also going to be running a number of coastal walks on King Island," business manager of King Island Walks, Ian Allan said.

 In 1989, they built the Currie Light 46 metres above sea level following the brainstorming with Archibald Currie and others for a lighthouse at Currie Harbour. 

The iron tower of the Currie lighthouse and internal iron cylinder centre stands proud at 21 metres high above the Currie Harbour, locked into place by square pyramidal truss. 

The Currie light characteristic is; one flash, every six seconds.


It had been almost a decade since the last coat of paint to whiten up the lighthouse in Currie.

If locals stood still long enough, our nails would most likely rust, just like the iconic tower that continuously shines a light out to alert the passing marine traffic in the roaring forties seas of King Island coastline.

An amount of $450,000 was allocated for this restoration project to complete the full monty painting of the outside of the Currie Lighthouse, completed in December 2021.


Luke Agetti has done a great deal of work creating an information brochure about the Currie Lighthouse, available at the King Island Museum.

More about the reopening of the Currie lighthouse story ABC Source

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