Daiquiri day

Daiquiri is in the category of cocktails. The main ingredients are white rum, citrus juice, and sugar syrup, or liqueur, namely Limoncello.  
What’s more fun than making daiquiris? Creating your own unique daiquiri recipe, to suit your taste buds.  
Here's a hh♡ King Island Distillery daiquiri cocktail recipe with a Bella Chella twist
30 ml White rum (e.g. Bacardi)
15 ml Fresh squeezed lime juice
Top with a dash of chilled rain water, (if you're not shaking ingredients with ice) 
Make garnish from lime prior to squeezing out the juice
Pour all ingredients into a shaker with ice cubes and a whole lotta love
Shake well
Strain in chilled cocktail glass
Best be sure you make enough daiquiris to go around
Served: Straight up; without ice
Standard garnish: A lime slice, or twist
Drinkware: Cocktail glass
   Did you know the daiquiri was likely invented by miners? An engineer named Jennings Cox supervised a mine in a village named Daiquiri in 1898 during the Spanish-American War. 
   After work, Cox and his colleagues would gather at the local bar. One day Cox mixed Bacardi, sugar, and lime into a glass of ice. 
   Named after the Daiquiri mines, the drink became a popular staple.
   A daiquiri is not just a drink, it can be kind of an achievement. From all the hard work that gets done – everyone can get together to enjoy a delicious daiquiri at the end of the day.
History info source: National today

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