Giving back lights me up

Giving back lights me up

I feel lucky to be made on King Island, surrounded by proud and passionate people. We all feel a strong sense of patriotism about where we live, what we produce, and what we offer.

Living in a small isolated community, mood matters and so does our connectivity towards each other and friendly, caring attitudes.

Giving back lights me up. I strive to attract more visitors, extend their stay and then do my best to ensure they have a happy holiday.

It’s really rewarding for me to see and hear people genuinely loving my spirits and the fact that I make these, authentic, tasty products right here.

That's why I'm so determined to always go above and beyond.

My products might be distilled with things like native succulents, but most importantly, it's all created with hh love, infused with my happiness and King Island’s.

My happiness fuels my creativity and it inspires me to come up with even more GINtastic ideas. That’s how my spirits are purposely unlike any other, because King Island isn’t like anywhere else.

People appreciate incomparable products, my pride and personal touch and they naturally want to support local, spend more, and write raving reviews. :-) and so the happy circle continues to spin. And that's why I do what I do.

I am proud that my unique artisan spirits, delivered Australia wide, makes people feel a very special connection to what I think is the most special place on earth, my island home.

 King Island history timeline Picture by Heidi Weitjens King Island distillery







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