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King Island Distillery Brandy Crayzee Gift Pack

Celebrating King Island's Distilling Legacy with Happy Heidi: Unveiling the King Island Distillery Crayzee Gift Pack and Community Support Initiatives

From King Island Distilling to King Island Crayfish Deckhanding and Beyond

In the heart of King Island, where the roaring forties waves meet rugged shores, lies the King Island Distillery. This beacon of tradition and innovation is home to Heidi Weitjens aka ‘Happy Heidi’ - a spirited distiller and time as a dedicated deckhand. Happy Heidi crafts King Island Distillery boutique spirits in her own micro distillery, while supporting the local seafood industry she cherishes deeply.

 A King Island Gift Hamper with a Purpose

Among the contributions to this year's Stay Afloat Tasmania Gala, Happy Heidi's King Island Distillery Crayzee Gift Pack stands out. This special gift pack, featuring a unique King Island Crayzee sauce recipe featured on the Gotta love Tassie Seafood, is being raffled to raise funds for the Gala. In collaboration with Rural Alive and Well (RAW), the event promotes mental health and wellbeing within Tasmania’s fishing communities. Heidi's generosity underscores a communal effort to uplift and support these vital members of the community.

 King Island Distillery Gift Hampers 

King Island Distillery also offers a range of gift hampers that celebrate the island's rich culinary and distilling heritage. These hampers include artisan spirits crafted by Heidi and other local craft products, making them perfect for any occasion. Whether you're looking for a unique gift or a way to enjoy the best of King Island, these hampers provide an authentic taste of island life.

 The Greater Purpose

Heidi’s goal is to "cultivate Crayzee confidence in consumers." Born from her time as a King Island crayfish deckhand, Happy Heidi runs demonstrations that transform dining habits and encourage consistent demand for local seafood. This initiative is to help support local industry and especially King Island fishermen by fostering a robust domestic market, aiming for a stable and prosperous future for Tasmania's broader seafood industry.

 King Island Crayzee Cooking Demonstrations

Happy Heidi’s passion extends beyond distilling. Her deep connection to the sea and the local fishing industry inspired her to create Crayzee Cooking Demonstrations. These unique cooking classes empower Australians with the skills to prepare and cook Southern rock lobster (crayfish), making this delicacy a regular and accessible culinary delight.

Embrace culinary excitement on King Island! This engaging experience showcases ways of cooking King Island crayfish in just seven minutes - no pot required. Happy Heidi guides participants through the process, sharing techniques, insights and the secrets behind her renowned 'Crayzee sauces,' infused with the distinct flavours of her King Island Distillery craft spirits such as Brandy and Ruby Grapefruit Spirit.

 Join Us in Making a Difference

The Crayzee Cooking Demonstrations are more than just classes - they've been referred to by some as a movement. Heidi’s vision aims to normalise crayfish as a regular meal choice, supporting the seafood industry and fostering a sustainable culture. By participating, you experience a culinary journey that champions local produce and enhances your cooking repertoire.

Support Heidi’s mission and the local seafood industry by booking a Crayzee Cooking experience today.

For inquiries and reservations, visit

Email Heidi at

Thank you for your interest and you are always invited to join us on this journey of culinary excitement and community support. Let's cook Crayzee, eat Crayzee and foster a seafood eating culture that sustains and honours our local King Island Crayfishing heroes.

Did you know.....

Happy Heidi, a fan after meeting Squizzy during a crayfishing excursion, embraces his dedication to seafood promotion and community engagement. Brendon ‘Squizzy’ Taylor's fishing passion ignited early in life, propelling him from deckhand to proud boat owner, mentoring a colleague in the process. When faced with market challenges amid the pandemic, Squizzy ventured into direct lobster sales at Margate Wharf, backed by his loyal local supporters. Celebrated by Tasmanian gourmet seafoods, Squizzy's culinary influence extends throughout Tasmania. A familiar face on ‘Aussie Lobster Men,’ he magnifies the appeal of Tasmania's premium rock lobsters and promotes the region's tourism desirability. 

Southern Rock Lobster, commonly referred to as Crayfish or 'Cray,' boasts firm, sweet and flavourful meat, coveted by seafood enthusiasts. Harvested using expert pot-setting methods by our skilled fishermen, these lobsters are a sought-after delicacy. Processed and available in live, frozen, cooked, or raw forms, they play a significant role in Tasmanian communities as both a traditional and modern food source. The commercial fishery enterprises annual yield of around 1000 tonnes, valued at $90 million, underscores the economic and cultural importance of Southern Rock Lobster in sustaining local industries and traditions.

Tasmanian Smart Seafood Partnership

The Tasmanian seafood industry collaborates with scientific research to employ adaptive management strategies for sustainability. Through the Tasmanian Smart Seafood Partnership, the industry engages in industry training, school education, and habitat restoration initiatives, aiming to enhance sustainability and promote responsible practices.

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