King Island Tourism Experiences and King Island Products Tasmania King Island Tourism showcasing King Island Distillery

"Some things in life were just meant to be together; cheese and wine, sun and sand, coffee and cake to name a few of King Island's strong pairings.

Several years ago Heidi Weitjens was struck by the suitability of pairing King Island pure water and native botanicals to create a range of spirits to match other world-class products created on King Island.

After much effort and endeavour, including shipping her bespoke copper stills to King Island on a fishing boat, Heidi is making her dream a reality.

Already well known to visitors for her wonderful hospitality while operating the family restaurant and accommodation business in Naracoopa, Heidi has built up a loyal following of fans all over the world thanks to her eye for detail, enthusiasm and professionalism with queues already forming to sample another of King Island's unique experiences."  Chris Green

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