Last bottle of batch #1 Whisky about to sell out online

Last bottle of batch #1 Whisky about to sell out online

So excited to share the news that there's just one bottle left of our 500ml Distiller Choice Single Malt Whisky. 

We are delighted that this has been such a successful dram, so we will continue with this concept to fulfill consumer demand.

One lucky person will soon buy the last bottle of batch number 1 from King Island Distillery.  Will it be you ;-) ?

Best wishes Heidi

Cheers hh♡ kingislanddistillery  

p.s. Soon I will release my next Distiller Choice Single Malt Whisky Bottle, which is a style that is even a little more unique.  Curious? Then call me on 0488CHEERS or email

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  • Richard de Gabriele

    Missed out on buying a bottle of whisky when I was over recently. When will the next batch be ready? Please don’t sell out until I buy one. I’m suscribed to your newsletter.

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