Lighting up the way King Island, Tasmania.

Lighting up the way King Island, Tasmania.

Visit our Island and experience what creates the King Island Distillery Spirit.

 Currie Lighthouse was built following agitation by Archibald Currie and others for a lighthouse at Currie Harbour, Currie, King Island, Australia in 1879.[3] Planned and fabricated by Chance Brothers in Smethwick, England, it was devised as a 21-metre (69 ft)-tall square pyramidal truss iron tower with an iron cylinder centred inside, and then shipped to Tasmania to be erected. After an inactive period from 1989 to 1995, the light is now active again. The light characteristic is "Fl. 6 s", i.e. one flash every six seconds. The light source's focal plane is situated 46 metres (151 ft) above sea level. The adjacent keeper's house was turned into a museum of King Island’s History in 1980 and is well worth a visit.

Source Wikipedia

How to get to King Island?  Travel overseas with no passport required. Daily flights which only take 45 minutes, in very comfortable planes of up to 30 seats, from 3 airport options - flying in from both Tasmania and Victoria.

Us friendly King Islanders look forward to meeting our visitors and spoiling you all with our hospitality, produce, green grass as far as the eye can see and bare beaches. 

Treat yourself to all the purities, highlights to see and do without the cues, and enjoy the simplicity that our Island offers, you deserve it!

Learn more about King Islands secrets

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Heidi Weitjens | King Island Distillery

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