Heidi's King Island Limoncello Limited Edition Launch 7.5.21

Lenon liqueur handmade by Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery 'Bella Chella'
Launching Limoncello on 'Happy Friday 7th May 2021 🥃😉'  
Online Orders for Bella Chella via King Island Distillery .com Website store will be live. 
Limited edition, only 50 bottles of 200ml Limoncello King Island Lemon & Lime Liqueur, first ever release handmade with ♡ by hh♡ 
Maximum 2 per order $30 each 
+ postage if required $15
* Testimonials over the last 4 days confirm that my 1st attempt to make this 'traditional after dinner digestive drink' has been verified as a success. Absolutely ready to be hand bottled at 30% ABV and made available to Heidi's King Island Distillery customers.
All pre-orders made in advance will be fulfilled first and foremost. I'm excited for my hh♡ King Island Distillery Family to enjoy this after months in the making.  
As your hh♡ Distiller I am sincerely grateful for all support received from King Islanders and people all around Australia.
Big shout out to my Local Lemon and Lime suppliers 🙏, I'll be in contact again soon 😁
Thankyou to my Shane, keeping me sane with all your support. 😘
Cheers my friends!
Call your hh♡Distiller Mobile - Dial 0488CHEERS
Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery Pty Ltd 
Testimonials approving Heidi's King Island Distillery Bella Chella Lemon Liqueur

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