Meet the makers

A magnificent and memorable meet the Maker event, in Launceston. 
   Six tables of attentive artisan spirits appreciators, fabulous food and wonderful whisky at the beautiful Bluestone bar and kitchen.   
   Here the two Craig's presenting prizes of spirits donated by distilleries and dinner vouchers sponsored by the venue, gifted to attendees whos names selected from a lucky draw.    
   Distilleries greeted, poured and talked their way around the room.  
     Fun had by everyone, we can bet there will be another one, before this year is done. 
    Shared with fellow Tasmanian distilleries:- 
Michael Briggs and Craig Spilsbury IronHouse Distillery 
Adam Pinkard Adam's Distillery
Kit Wilksinson Hellyers Road Distillery
Dave Launceston Distillery
William McHenry McHenry Distillery
Beautiful Bluestone bar and kitchen.   
   Distilleries greeted, poured and talked their way around the room. 
   All applauded at the end of an excellent evening. 
   An event organised by Kate of Tasmanian whisky and spirits association, for Tasmanian whisky week 2022.  
   A happy repeat customer, buying a bottle of distiller choice single malt, single cask whisky from Heidi at meet the maker event.  Thank you fans and friends of King Island Distillery.
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