Pennys Lagoon King Island Suspended Big Freshwater Puddle

Penny's Lagoon is a 'perched', or 'suspended' freshwater lake, one of King Island highlights. Only a few of these can be found around the world, well worth a trip, a dip and sit down to enjoy a sip of your favourite King Island Distillery Spirit.

Growing up working on a Dairy Farm at Yambacoona a North girl in the 80's, we treasured the time we spent at this Oasis.  At Penny's we loved the swimming, skiing, snorkelling, splashing around and sunning ourselves on the pure white sand.  Sometimes we would even take our shampoo to get our hair shiny and super soft. But not always avoiding the Bull Ant bites if we got too close to their nests on the shore ;-)

This perched lake is formed in a depression above the regional water table, in the 'Vadose zone'. Sand is cemented together with decomposed organic matter such as leaves, bark and dead plants (which we used to Challenge ourselves hold our breath to dive down deep, grab a handful and show it to our friends) also aluminium and iron, creating an impermeable layer on the base of the lake.

The layer of rock or sediment is above the main water table but below the surface of the land. This natural, almost waterproof lining holds the water, as would a dish. No stream, or underground aquifer feeds into or flows out of the lake.  Penny's can get a little low in Summer if the rainfall is minimal, but we seem to get plenty of "Cloud Juice" falling on our lovely Island almost all year round.

The water of perched lakes is generally acidic (pH of less than 6) and and they have extremely low levels of dissolved solids, suspended solids and nutrients.

Cheers & best wishes 
Heidi Weitjens
Passionate King Islander | Sole Trader | Distiller
King Island Distillery

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  • John Thorne

    Debra, Tara, Shirley and I all enjoyed visiting your professional and friendly business last week. Thank for your special attention. We did get to Penny’s Lagoon the day before we left. Brilliant. Take care and all the best – John 🤓

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